increase in Helmets coming off lately.

i'm sure we all have seen how many times the last few seasons that helmets seem to be flying off the players way more than in the past.

I'm wondering, is this a manufacturing issue with these new helmets? are the chinstrap buckles on the helmets in the wrong spots? is it the design?

because I don't recall seeing this happening so much before the new designs came out.

It seems to be that some players have their helmets come off more frequently than others...Wes Cates comes to mind. That guy loses his lid a couple times a game, it seems.

I've noticed in the NFL a lot of players just don't buckle their helmets on, i guess they think they're too cool to buckle up.

Haven't noticed it in the CFL though.

well I have seen some QB's that don't.

possibly because it restricts their movement of the mouth.

I do believe they need to make it mandatory and have the refs enforce it.

Maybe because todays players shave their heads and wear doo rags and skull caps. When I played you lost a bit of hair even when you took the helmet off yourself.

Wasn't so bad when we wore the leather helmets though :cowboy: :lol:

Loose chin strap. same as hockey. It's uncomfortable when the chin strap is clamped down hard, as it should be. The shape of players heads plays a role as well. Some melons fit tighter in the helmet than others.

But yes, i have noticed the lids flying off more as well.

Motorcycle helmets are meant to fit very tight, and there are different helmets for different shaped heads. You'd think it would be the same in football.

Haha Wes Cates does come to mind, but I don't think it's a matter of being cool, it can come to be uncomfortable, I play Bantam Football and they enforce that you wear all your straps buckled up but I guess you don't have to in CFL/NFL

I seem to recall the NFL instituting a rule in the last three years that said if there was a strap on the helmet it had to be buckled. I haven't heard anything similar in the CFL.

The proliferation of helmets coming off is astounding. Those things used to rip my ears off when I took them off.