incosistencies everywhere

5:38 Missed Extra Point
HOME - 21 AWAY - 7
Justin Medlock extra point is good.

At least the Ti-cat game tracker is better than the CFL Game Tracker which is really terrible

Rush for 24 yards to the Tor31. Hugh O'Neill punts for 31 yards to Tor0. for a TOUCHDOWN

Are you the we Eff'd up police.. if so.. can I see some ID!

I love the irony of the thread title and the theme of the thread... :lol:

I noticed that too Evil Doc. You cant make this stuff up!

Lol does it really say that? Punted for a touchdown haha

I find CFL Live Play better, although I think it gets its info from the same source as CFL Game Tracker and seems to lag quite a bit during games. For that play, it has a wee bit more useful information:

73/2-H55 (12:50) H. O'NEILL Punt (31 yds), B. STEWART OT Punt Recovery T24 - Touchdown Hamilton onside kick recovered for a TD.