Inconstant calls

When is there going to be constant calls for penalties. If they are going to call QB late hit in a game make it the same for all. That late hit on Hamilton cost them the game on what clearly should have been a penalty. :?

You're right that should have been a penalty.

Yeah it should have been a penalty but I was pulling for Calgary so I'm not terribly upset about the blown call. It is nice to see games reach an end result properly though and not have a bad call determine the result.

That said, Hamilton should look at themselves and not the officials for the loss. If they had any kind of kicker they would have won. I mean ouch... he must of missed by twenty yards.

[quote="Blue_Dragoon"]Yeah it should have been a penalty but I was pulling for Calgary so I'm not terribly upset about the blown call. It is nice to see games reach an end result properly though and not have a bad call determine the result.quote]

I didn't see the play so I can't say one way or another on this specific case but the reasoning escapes me. Its the same Don Cherry "let them play" attitude that ruined hockey for so many years. If it should be a penalty, it should be called, regardless of the time of the game. To not call a deserved penalty is unfair to the fouled team. The no call is the bad call in these types of cases.

Those call have been made for years, and its this kind of officiating that turns fans off of the CFL. The referees need to be more consistent, and make the proper calls. Most times they do, but its the glaring errors that are made that makes them look bad. It seems there are more and more mistakes made on calls and non calls that determine the outcome of games. The CFL brass needs to look into that, the sooner the better.

I agree 100%. The inconsistency in this league is what makes people I work with laugh when I tell them I'm excited to see a Stamps game.. they think it's bush league.. and it's because of things like this. If it cost the Stamps a few games to get the calls right.. whatever. It'd be worth it in the long run.

Well said. I didn't see much of the game, but I did see the end and that was definitely a late hit after Maas slid and should have given them 15 yards, the first down, and enough to waste the rest of the clock. Game over Ticats win. I too would like to see the games called consistent and accurate. It may cost the Riders.... and any team for that matter.... a few games, but it would also probably work in their favor just as often. But then again, what would us Rider fans b*tch about if not the refs?

Go Riders!!

Not about to change. Have seen this for years and it's not that the CFL does not know about it. What is terrible is that the play happened right in front of the ref. I follow University football and have seen some better games. Always thought the crowds affected the refs.

Really, Wow, I'll ahve to have a word with Jake Ireland tonight! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Yes, consistent calls by the refs would constantly lead to less inconsistency.


Yours was a blatant shot to the head. Ours

two guys hit Maas lol....take off your red and white guys cracked was the exact same hit

He deserved a good crack. LOL

Eskylo, I was not talking about the Winnipeg Game. He did hit him in the head and I agree on the penalty. I was talking about the Mass Hits. It was even more blatant than the hit on Burris yet was not flagged. Anyway, guess it's something we have to live with but man it sure makes it tough. On to something else. What's the word on Fantuz in Regina? They seemed so high on the kid but he's not in any stats.

the Refs can't see everything, Bad calls will happen, you just have to be prepared for them.

that hit on maas in the 4th quarter with 1:05 left should not have been a penatly....i watched the game on tape and watched that hit in slow-mo...the first hit was delivered as maas was starting the slide ( not even with his but on the grass yet ) and the second hit, a split second later, didnt even hit hit the other stampeder helmet on helmet.

the only reason maas and marshall complained, is they knew thier kicker wouldnt get the job done, and were looking to be bailed out by the ref.

I agree, thats face it if you yap about the refs being unfair the usual reason is that your team is just not good enough. Where was the offesne for the tabbies last night. What they got is 8 points not even a touch down? Yes it was the refs fault chuckle chuckle.

Thats face it they have a good team but they have not played together long enough. Could some T Cat fans be expecting to much to early.

I figured it would take 5-6 games before they are on the same page. They'll get better.

ya i agree their not far off.

imagine this....playoff game, ticats down by 2....2 seconds left on the clock and 42 yards from the endzone. .....

boreham comes onto the field... :oops: