Inconsistent Burris


Wow, people sure hate the Stamps. Why is that?

I will keep your post for further reference if you know what I mean! I can tell you it is not just Burris that is the problem here!

I love it.... helps the pain from his abadoning the riders go away, lol.... he through tons of picks in the endzone when he was on out team... so saying he is inconsistant is wrong.... he has been doing this for years

.....but henry is not playing well though rw05, we shouldn't be denying this.....

:lol: :lol: Sorry fellow Stamp fans but I guess they are just jealous! We all are here congradulating Rider fans and I guess after all those blow outs we gave them they are due! But we will take in class. They deseerved to win and played very well!

Get those Burris su-cks shirts out again! You know the one hangin on your John Deere! Some one wake up Lil Nate!
i guess lil Fred Perry woke up instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Lil Nate got knocked on his A$$ tonight :lol: Perry played very well best game I have seen him play!

Yeah, get those shirts out.. Rider Nation actually did something very intelligent this game - they shut up. I've been saying for 2 years now that Burris feeds on the negative energy the Sask fans produce.. today they didn't produce any till it was too late. Notice when he was getting booed he started nailing guys way downfield right in the numbers? Too bad they dropped the ball or we may just have come back.
In anycase, get your Burris shirts, drink some Pilsner, and come on out to McMahon.. we need him at his best next week.

i guess it was his best game :wink: the other 2 didnt want to get a fine , so they took it easy :lol: jk

That is true with out those rider fans in the stands it would be no fun! :lol:

True but how many times did Copeland drop the ball tonight, that last one would have set them up on the Riders 20 yard line..I think he was totally deflated after that

At a boy Dentor..give it to them..

:lol: I am not I am saying it is not just Burris that is the problem!

No red05 Burris was the problem..wake up..

Exactly it is not just one thing that is happening here! But I am confident they will work things out!

It definitely was not just Burris. But he didn't play well either. He's not making decisions well.. at the end when he kept trying to throw to Anderson he had Copeland wide open in the middle both times. But he's looking for the TD pass, even though all he needed was to move the chains. Also a couple times he threw it to nobody when he had a massive running lane open in front of him.. could pick up the first himself, but opts to throw it away. He's not confident right now and it's making him second guess everything, combine that with our terrible pass protection and "we don't run the ball in the second half" offense.. and you have a real problem... it's very hard to pin down what should be changed.

He's not confident because his receivers are dropping balls. You have to catch those or the QB will never get into a rhythm.

The o-line didn't seem to be giving him sufficient blocking tonight either.

Agree..look at previous games where Henry had all day to throw

when Burris Played in Saskatchewan he always seemed to have a slow start to the Season usually the first 6 games. Then he always seemed to turn it up a few notches later in the season. look at last year for Calgary they had a pretty good second half of the season right up to the west semi finals. In 2004 for the Riders it was the same way.

It's up to the stamps organization what they want to do with him. but if they dont turn around the inconsistent play soon they may find themselves in a hole they may not be able to get out of.