Inconsistent Burris

Ok i hear a lot about Burris being so inconsistent and throwing interceptions. I think they went into a coma half way through August. Sure he started out shitty, not all his fault but a new offence takes time. Are those people forgetting the ~5-6 game streak he went interception free leading into the playoffs?

I also read one guy saying how he choked in the quarter final against edmonton. I remember fumble fumble fumble fumble. Burris' 1 interception made no difference. Stamps outplayed them, but fumbles will kill any team.

Hey do not let it bother these are the guys that dislike Burris to begin with. Regardless of his performance these guys will bash him. As before he silences his critics. Thats see there were 10,000 I believe made the trek to McMahon and later looked silly with those Burris suck shirts. Right now anyone making a statment like that is either a fool or plain jealous.

I remember the first game against sask last year when it was 44-10 or whatever. They came out so cocky with the "fuck hank" shirts and booing him and what not. Then at half time the score was like 30-3 or something haha. I had the camera out taking pictures of every sask fan i saw; got the finger many times.

The intensity on the field and in the stands was extreme.

IMO burris can be a very solid qb at times, and then completely blow up and "fumble away" a few games. I think he's pretty streaky.

So If Burris is Streaky what does that make Ray. He had more intercepts and fumbles last year. Really it is human nature to dewell on negatives. You will always remember that dropped pass for a game winning touchdown but forget the one handed catch for a touchdown early as an example. It was an inconsistant Hank Burris that took the Stamps from last place to second place.

By the way board up those windows I hear it is Hurricane season. :lol: How were things on the Code Blue mile last night! :lol: :lol:

Take Care Esks123

....very streaky tonight........these guys still have some work ahead of them.........

see redwhite2005, even RedandWhite agrees! And it is hurricane season here in edmonton, but I heard its' clearing up on saturday! :smiley:

Sorry Esk123 the hurricane will last two more games that is the forecast! As far as R&W saying Burris is streaky well he must of hurt his head when he got those sore ankles. The last time I remember football is a team sport! The whole team stunk it out last night not Burris. So Esk123 thats see how Frito does I guess we will call him an astronomer after tonight he will be look up at the stars on his back side ha ha ha! I am just glad they stunk it out in this game not a meaningful game. I can tell you they will have lots of bloopers to show on the film. I have no fear of this loss all I can see is it will remind them they have to show up.

Code Blue Code Blue Mile! Go to Whtye Avenue it is the Code Blue Mile!

All I can say is that The 2005 Grey Cup Champions are licking their chops after watching that pathetic performance. It's gonna be a long week, Calgary!!!

As for the Blue Mile... wether it's 2 more games or 5 more games, all I know for sure is that it's gonna be more lively than the Dead Mile. So much for being 2006 Stanley Cup favorites, eh boys? Are you still choking on your roasted duck??

Code Blue does that not mean something is about to die. Good response Warner! But not very original. :lol:

Yes, and the original "hockey" comment about "hurricane" season is soooooooo original. First time I heard that one, boys!!! You'd better hope the hurricane doesn't pass through calgary first. It may interfere with the flamers golf games.

…Burris was streaky last night '05, there were some good shows, some bad…my ankles are fine but at least I’m being realistic…

…on the hockey front, anytime SI picks a favourite it’s the kiss of death, preordained…as much as I would like the Oil to come back it’ll be the 'canes in 5, maybe six…

And I am being realistic too. The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos are the reigning Grey Cup Champions. In 2006, the Oilers took back their rightful titles as Western Conference Champions and Canada's Team.

The self proclaimed Stanley Cup favorites from Calgary **** the bed, and lost in the first round to the DUCKS... a team that the Oilers quite easily dispatched in 5 games.

Perhaps the Oilers will lose in the Stanley Cup finals, as did Calgary in 2004. But at least Edmonton's been there 7 times, Calgary 3 times.

5 Stanley Cups for Edmonton, ONE for Calgary. 13 Grey Cups for Edmonton, 5 for Calgary. Is that realistic enough for ya?


Who gives a shit about hockey. This is

So bored... and yet so compelled to reply. You are an interesting character, redandwhite. I guess there really is no comeback when I do nothing more than point out the obvious FACTS. Facts can be boring, but usually put an end to a silly arguement, when it comes to the one sided battle of Alberta.

Looks like my prediction was right and it did clear up, redwhite2005! :smiley:

football > hockey ??

If memory serves, the first post regarding hockey, on this "football only" site was above, by redwhite2005. Edmonton fans, of course, find it funny when flamers fans come out of the woodwork whenever the Oilers lose, considering the flamers have been completely irrelevant in these playoffs for almost 2 months.

I would ask redwhite2005 why he felt compelled to bring up hockey in a football forum, but something tells me he has gone to hide back in the woodwork, like every other flamers fan. Bottom line is, when a flamers fan brings up hockey, it becomes fair game. The Grey Cup and NHL Western Conference Championship are back where they belong. And the Stanley Cup finals are 2-1, and not over by a long shot. 'Dems da facts.

How are things on the Dead Mile tonight? LOLOL. Take care, redwhite2005.

Thanks for ruining the post.