incompetent blocking = we lost

Printers was running for his life all night. It's hard to deliver a ball accurately with three guys in your face. Our O-Line was completely man-handled during all four quarters. Disgraceful blocking (including the blocking provided by Lumsden). If Printers gets more time, we do something offensively in the first half, and win the game.

Too bad. Another one we let get away. Competitive right down to the wire. The D played well, but can only hold Ray back so long. Bardley is a true warrior (what a hitter). Williams is fun to watch. And Rodriguez...he's a keeper. What a player. The next Swervin Mervin.

Realistically, I think this team is about 4-5 starters away from being a true competitor. (2 new O-Linemen, 2 new starting receivers to go with Bauman and Rodriguez, and 1 new DT to go with Adams)

It seems to me that when a team wants to know how to beat our offense, they just watch the film of how we got beat last week, and do the same again, because we don't change anything. Every team successfully runs a screen pass to the RB, which slows the pass rush, every team except us, with the most explosive RB in the league.
I really don't understand. what do our coaches get paid for?

You're right endzone. Screen pass, shuttle pass, hot read. heck, their saftey, our old friend Jason Goss spent the entire first halk lining up as fifth d-lineman and Charlie's gang were completely incapable of dealing with it. If the Esk's tried that strategy against the Al's, Cavillo would have torched them. Same old, same old. How do you assess the talent of the players you have with this type of coaching and game preparation?

8) We were warned by fans in Montreal and Calgary regarding Bellefuille and Creehan, and their style of coaching !!!
It is all coming to the front now !!   One guy can't even figure out how to make adjustments, while the other guy doesn't even have a screen pass or a draw play in his playbook.

And both these guys are so called CFL coaching veterans !!!    If it wasn't so sad, it would be laughable !!!!            <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
And both these guys are so called CFL coaching veterans !!! If it wasn't so sad, it would be laughable !!!!
It's sad, let's laugh :cry: :lol: :cry: :lol: :(

i took the 'wait-and-see' approach, but now im on ALL coaches...they are useless.

printers was pressured all game. where were the screen passes? every game starts the same: hand off to jesse...every team knows this and is why the cats always start with a 2-and-out...same with when the cats get close to the red zone..its all ground game, which is easy to defend against if u dont mix it up.

worst coaching ive seen.. possibly ever.

Let's ask ourselves this question? Why do we have to settle for substandard coaching?
O beleive there are suitable coaches out there who can bring this team around. It's to end the Charlie and staff experiment

Printers also needs to learn how to step up into the pocket. I don't know how many times I saw him have pressure coming from the edges, and then try to get outside that pressure and get sacked. When pressure is coming from the edges you need to step up into the pocket and deliver a strike over the middle.