I’ve never pointed any blame at our beloved Caretaker, but Bob, it’s time to take accountability for your football operation.

This football team is incompetent. There’s lots of talent, but no execution. The responsibility for that falls on the management. Obie hasn’t provided enough talent. Cortez has been a fish out of water all season. Creehan’s act wouldn’t work in high school.

It’s your business, Bob. You have to make the tough decisions. People in management have to be accountable. Do what’s required.

Poor coaching
Lack of depth

All these decisions are made by the GM. Time for Obie to go. I don't want a rookie GM as well. I want a guy with CFL experience.

Can we take some money from the future fund to buy Wally Buono?

Blah, blah blah. We had/have the talent to win. We have a very young team. Our defense was a problem all year, although you cannot blame tonight 100% on the d, with 4 turnovers and an easy 14 points for the blew team, I am not sure how anyone can blame management.

what I want to know is

what time did the defense go to bed last night, and how much did they have to drink.

It only makes sense if they assumed they had the game won already and had a huge party to celebrate.

I think our talent is fine. You have a 4th string qb & you don't blitz him to rattle him?? Might have even resulted in a pick 6 for us, or forced them out of FG range. Creehan either has to change his schemes or go. As the thread title says, he's not competent.

How sad for some of the individual stars on this team, like Williams, Congi, Burris. I dont blame them if they all want to leave before next season.

Honestly, they shouldn't have been in the position in the first place. We should have had way more than 6 wins coming into this game.

You can blame management for 1 thing. Player depth. We have had a ton of injuries this year and our back ups were garbage.

Scott Mitchell needs to 'step down' asafp..

Let his replacement pick a GM.. let that GM pick a coach... let that coach pick his coordinators....

I dont expect Cortez to go anywhere with that contract, just wishful thinking on my part.. but Mitchell and Obie, theres no excuse for them not to be gone.

Its not Bob Young's job to put the right players on the field, but its his job to pick the right people to make those decisions.

What a way to ruin an historic season.. 100th Grey Cup right down the street.. final game at Ivor Wynne... an offense that can put up 40 points on any given night....

Enough with the band aids on the Secondary.. its pathetic. Enough with hearing how much 'better' theyll be this year.
If nothing else, fix the goddamn secondary.

Bob Young could save a lot of money. Ob goes to Buono for all of his decisions anyway. So Get ride of Bobo and just write a cheque to Wally's wife whenever Young needs advice.

I know Hank turned the ball over, but man alive, when you post 40 points in a game, YOU SHOULD WIN. Creehan's defense had 33 points hung on them by Toronto's B offense with third and fourth-string quarterbacks playing for most of the game! As usual, when the defense needed to step up and make a stop, it let Toronto drive down the field for a FG or TD. In a game that was completely meaningless for the Argos, this is inexcusable.

Its a team sport. If you put all your money in the offense and you hire a coach who does not have the qualifications to do the job because you spent your load on a GM and a Coach well you get this.

14 points were due to the offensive turnovers.

43-14 = 29 points

Still 29 points is still way too many to give up

14 points? I'm confused. Hank threw the pick-six to Younger early in the game, but after that, the defense was on the field for the other points Toronto scored following a Hamilton turnover. At no point did the defense step up after a turnover and hold Toronto.

So I only count 7 points that the defense was not responsible for.

My apologies, I was thinking Fantuz fumbled in our own end. My bad. :oops: :oops: :oops:

The defense didn't get a two and out till the third quarter and got two for the entire game.

Following the Hank fumble in Hamilton territory, the Cats' defense gave up a major.

Following the Fantuz fumble in Toronto territory, the Cats' defense let the Argos drive down the field and post up a field goal.

After Burris led the Cats to tie it up at 40-40, the Cats' defense let the Argos drive into field goal range.

No worries. I forgot about the pick-six when I made my initial post. :wink:

My overall point wasn't that Hank made no mistakes, but that he was far from being the main reason Hamilton lost tonight. His receivers fumbled, his O-linemen went offside, special teams took holding penalties galore, and, most importantly, the defense did what it's done all season long: fail to get a stop at crunch time.

Our season should not have come down to this game.

The game vs Calgary should not have come down to a FG in the snow.

The offense has had some turnovers this year but so does everyones offense.

It's our defense. Our offense, even when Hank has a bad game, would have won many of those games if we had a half descent defense.

Has there been a worse D in the history of this team. I know we had some bad years with 1-17 but those years everything was an issue. I'd be willing to bet even if we had this offense in those bad years our record would have been much different. I am not sure I have ever saw something this bad. Did they ever once make a stop at a crucial time in a game. Never once did they help out the offense after a turn over. This season was embarressing for a city that takes pride in its defense.

It was a total team loss tonight and all season.

Anytime an organization has this level of failure both short and long term changes have to be made at the top. Scott Mitchell may be the president but he isn't the top football operations man. Obie is accountable for this mess and needs to go.

Cortez and Creehan are not competent coaches. Cortez needs to go up the ladder, Creehan needs to get off it.