Incinerate the Witches vol VII

Back below .500
Three points behind Ottawa, and they have a game-in-hand.
I didn't have many hopes for this game, as we had FAR too many injuries to our starters.
Add in the most ridiculous penalty call that I have EVER seen, the fact that our defence can't seem to stop a marauding kitten, and it was a recipe for disaster.

One point behind Ottawa, you mean. We don't lose points for a loss, we just didn't gain any.

Still... Disappointing game. Our secondary mist be fixed. And that call on Filer was absolute trash. I hope we get an apology - like it means anything.

Not a good performance AGAIN! Have to give the offense a "bit" of slack with the top three receivers missing AND Gable and Scheuerman. Zach just wasn't on the same page all the time with the replacements. BUT the defense needed to be better and should have managed to get a stop on that final drive, They needed a knock down at least or better still, an interception. to get that drive stopped and get the ball back to our offense. Even another FG would have given them some breathing room.

Wouldn't be the first time that the Ticats have potentially lost a game because of a bad call. Last year's home game vs Ottawa where they were flagged for TWO blocks on a return TD (I think) that were both bogus!

The defense has been awful all year, and they were awful again. Orlondo is old news. DE can't cover like DBs. Let the DEs rush the QB, and let the DBs cover. Simple defense wins this game. Orlondo is a big issue, and we can't win with him.

After next week, we'll have lost 3 of 4 since the Labour Day victory but there's a good chance, I'd say, that the RedBlacks will make the long trip west for nothing and the Cats will probably be 3 pts. back in the standings, with both teams having played 14 games, when the divison leaders come here on Oct. 14 for the first of the back-to-back games, which will almost certainly determine who finishes first.

Since Labour Day, Hamilton has been largely out-coached. Toronto brings blitz defence. Loss. Riders don't run the ball Loss. Montreal brings the run. Almost loss. Opposing teams know how to prepare for Ticat s which always puts cats in an early hole.

I don't blame the refs. Both teams play the games with the same officials. Blaming them is for conspiracy theorists.

I don't agree we are consistently out coached. I think our coaches are excellent.

Injuries? Sure, they're a factor. But only to a certain extent. Every team has them, and every team brings in substitutes. We have a better record this year with our backup QB than with our starter.

We're just not a great team. So so, good enough to likely make the playoffs, but not much more than that. I cheer for them regardless.

stevehvh :thup:

Another very poor showing against a very poor team...Zach just can't put up the points anymore...18 against SSK.."really??"We may have to rethink the QB position....I know he had receiver replacements but they all are professionals and should not miss a step...but there were times during the game that we looked good "first drive"...that was short lived...well now we take on the big boys of Calgary...should we watch???

Absolutely right, and maybe optimistic, as I am starting to question the ability of the coaching staff to prepare and install effective game plans with this group of players. The only teams we have beaten this year, with the exception of Edmonton, are the three worst teams in the league. Over our last three games, we lost to two of the worst and barely beat the third, three teams with a total of 11 wins between them. Calgary, next up, already sits with 11 and they play in a vastly superior division. We are only sitting in a potential play-off position because Toronto and Montreal have also gone in the tank. I can easily see Hamilton finishing the schedule at 0-5 or maybe 1-4 for at 6-12 or 7-11 record. The are rapidly progressing from so-so to sub-par, and may be lucky to hang onto a play-off spot. It is sad to say, but we seem to have become the easy game on everyone's schedule.

We can blame injuries, referees, weather, schedules or whatever, but this is a team with an inability to put in a solid 60 minutes of football; shows poor tackling and pass defense abilities; has no consistently effective run game; is penalty prone on special teams; and apparently, very little quality in our depth players. Zach has yet to put together four quarters of consistent play, let alone put up a multi-game win streak. I wonder if there is more to his injury than has been reported? No way this team gets to the Grey Cup without an ability to win more than one game in a row, and those games won't be against sub .500 teams.

I'm thinking we are soon at the "Wait till next year" point.

Fell asleep at some point in the 3rd.

Didnt miss much apparently

I started to worry when we let so many players walk at the beginning of the season and replaced some with other CFL cuts. Very difficult to replace so many players in one season. I am surprised Zach hasn't been injured again . Very hard and frustrating to watch this kind of football. :oops: :?

Zach passes for over 300 yards - completing 2/3 of his passes (with at least 3 drops I recall) with receivers that normally are 78% of our receiving yards this season out with injury and some of you think we need to 'reconsider our QB'? Seriously?

Throw in a ridiculous comment like the receivers we had were still 'professional' and therefore should have not 'missed a step' - as if there is no difference in receivers or that there is no such thing as a great rapport built between QB's and their best receivers. .

Saying that anybody should be able to step in and immediately replicate the rapport and timing between Zach and Tasker or Tolliver - especially on second down plays - without 'missing a step' is an absurd comment IMO.

We lost because our defence allowed a backup QB to drive their team 65 yards down the field in the final three minutes against the wind to kick the winning field goal.

It still comes down to an overall team loss and at a time when the Cats are trying to stay atop the east division and keep pace with Ottawa.

The next three games will be critical for the Cats, Home to Calgary and than a bye week to rest players and than back to back against Ottawa.

Fortunately for the Tiger-Cats as is the situation for the other eastern teams is that no one is really burning up the east this season like Calgary, Winnipeg and BC are doing in the west and even Edmonton currently in the final crossover position.

We are currently only one point back of Ottawa for first in the east and two points up on Toronto, the next three games could tell our fate.

Week 15 Calgary is at Hamilton, Ottawa is in BC, Toronto in Montreal.

Week 16 is a Bye Week for the Cats

Week 17 Ottawa at Hamilton, Sask at Toronto, Montreal at Calgary

Week 18 Hamilton at Ottawa, Toronto at Calgary, Montreal at Sask

Austin and crew have taken this team as far as they can go. Look at much as I dislike their head coach, he and Kyle Walters have done a great job. Austin and group, same old crap. Let's face it the Grey Cup is fixed this year because it's held in Toronto. Guess who will represent the East. I'm betting on the ARBLOWS!

I see Ottawa going 4-2, for a 10-8 record unless they split with Hamilton for a 3-3 and a 9-9 record. Either way, Ottawa should finish first.

Hamilton goes 1- 4 to finish 7 - 11 unless they split with Ottawa and go 2 - 3 to finish 8 - 10 and claim second.

Toronto goes 2 - 3 to finish 7 - 11 and either tie with Hamilton at 14 pts, or two behind if Hamilton makes it to 8 - 10. Either way, Hamilton should be in second, either on points or tie breaker. If Hamilton finishes 0 - 5, they will be in third and out on the cross-over with a 6 - 12 record. Deservedly so.

Just can't see Hamilton beating Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa twice. If the coaching change works in Montreal, it is possible that Hamilton closes out the season with 5 straight losses :frowning: !

So how many starters were we missing. How many players had less than a week of first team reps. How many players were shuffled around to other positions they normally don't play? Put all this together (I don't really care if they've been with the team for any length of time) and it turns into a pre season type game for the Cats. The coaches can't work magic with second or third sting and other team cast offs in one week. It showed. I think blaming the coaches is too easy. If anything blame the ability to find decent replacement players on the scouts and GM. Next man up only works if the quality of the replacement is close to the quality of the injured player. Anything less you get what we now have. Let's see if an extra week of first team reps does anything.
Having said that, Zack needs to step up his play. I figured we were going to have a tough go of it after his first pass was short and intercepted. He was not consistant .

I can see this team very easily finishing 6-12. Maybe 7-11 if Montreal didn't get their merde together. They should be sitting 8-5 right now but bad play and terrible coverage tackling and special teams have stopped them dead in their tracks. The team peaked at 8-3 last season until Zach got hurt and the team did nothing to replace him. I've said all season too much turnover in players.

Defence worried me in preseason and even more now.

This is a epic failure of a season so far this year.

I couldn't wait the 24 hours to post this. I did make it 12 though.

This team does not deserve to make the playoffs. Neither does Toronto but unfortunately at least one of these two team will through default.