Incinerate the Witches Thread, Vol. 1 or 7 (your choice)

It is what it is. In the scheme of things, not much.

Oski Wee Wee,


Dear Marcus Thigpen & Terry Grant,
thank you for the 6 touchdowns in the previous 2 games.
Now welcome back to anonymity.

I like the edit MUCH better. LOL

As I am not a general* I shall post my comments here.

  1. Incinerate the witches.
  2. Incinerate the game film. NOBODY should be forced to watch that.
  3. Incinerate comment #2. Make just about everybody on the team watch it over and over and over.
  4. Incinerate the witches.

Thank you.

*Only the comments of generals are supposed to go in the "official" thread. I am not making this up. Read it yourself. :slight_smile:

Incinerate the eternal optimists that have been naively blind since the beginning of the season. The ones that couldn't see the glaring problems and inconsistent play. Well some of us pessimists :roll: have been saying since Game 2 with Edmonton that this team will finish no better than 500 and guess what? Here we are after 14 games at an even 7-7. Tell me how entertaining and fun were the last 2 IWS home games? Do you believe you received value for your hard earned entertainment dollar. Judging by the mass crowd exodus early in the 4th quarter it's apparent that most fans have had enough. The losses aren't even competitive losses with lead changes or a close score. They are brutal blowouts. You can tell in the opening couple of drives whether Glenn will be hot or cold and what the outcome of the game will be. So how excited are the optimists for the next couple of games against Montreal and a red hot BC team?

Exactly. Knowing we were in for another stinker I wanted to switch the channel to the MLB playoff games, but alas, I was sitting in IWS.

There's a suggestion for you. The team should think about showing another sporting event on Tiger Vision whenever the team serves up another turkey like last night. At least the evening wouldn't be a total waste. :roll:

I would prefer that Glenn posts on Twitter before the game with something like " I'm feeling that my mojo is a little down tonight. Hopefully the other teams defense doesn't show up tonight otherwise I'll probably get pulled by the 3rd quarter."

Then we could all reclaim our lost evening.

And this is why you don't trade away a proven elite receiver like Arland Bruce in the middle of a season in which you're trying to take a run at the Grey Cup. There are many reasons for why the offense is ailing -- Russ hits on just about all of them on his blog -- but to me the Bruce situation is a self-inflicted wound. I'm pretty damn sure that if Bruce were still a Cat and still playing slot, not WR, there'd be a whole lot more space for Stala and Williams to operate.

As much as fans rip on his character, teams that trade or fail to sign Arland Bruce generally regret. Winnipeg, Toronto, now Hamilton. The BC Lions have rattled off six straight wins and don't think a significant part of that success isn't due to Geroy having a lot more room to operate, with the arrival of a game-breaker like Bruce.


Not sure how many games he's played but he's 4th in receiving on his own team and 23rd in the league with 37 catches for 517 yards

His current stats are impacted by his lack of use here.

He has been elite with the Leos.

He was elite while here when he was used properly.

Elite? Yes.

I tend to agree here. AB3 wasn't used well at all this year here, seemed as thought they knew it was coming and didn't include him in the offence.

On the other hand, management is probably happy with the poor play, I'm sure beer sales are up! :lol:

One year in which his OC uses him as a wide receiver for a quarterback who has trouble hitting deep balls doesn't mean squat. Bruce was doing fine as a slotback last season. This year, Jones decided to play him away from the action at WR. That might work for a strong-armed QB like Lulay or Burris, but not for Kevin Glenn. In essence, Khari Jones neutered your top receiver from last year. Then everyone wondered why Bruce had fallen off. I watch him in BC and he doesn't look like he's fallen off at all, because Chapdelaine is using him properly.

The Cats don't currently have a single veteran game-breaking receiver. Williams is a great talent but he's young and raw. Stala is a good possession receiver, nothing more. Mann is overrated. The rest are disposable.

Maybe at one time, but not this year IMO, even with the Lions.

BRUCE, A 2011-07-01 HAM, 2 catches 22 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-07-09 HAM, 3 catches 26 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-07-22 HAM, 4 catches 56 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-07-29 HAM, 0 catches 0 yards (Did not play)
BRUCE, A 2011-08-13 B.C,. 4 catches 34 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-08-19 B.C., 9 catches 129 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-09-02 B.C., 6 catches 51 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-09-10 B.C., 5 catches 34 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-09-17 B.C., 2 catches 49 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-09-24 B.C., 2 catches 116 yards
BRUCE, A 2011-09-30 B.C,. 0 catches 0 yards ( Did play)

In Hamilton he averged 35 yards per game, in B.C. he has averaged 59 yards per game.

But Walley is Obie's good buddy and needed help get into first place in the west. :wink: :roll:

Actually, prior to the 4th Q I tried finding a live MLB feed on my iPhone but don't get a good signal at IWS.

That's a good idea. Here's another: MB could tweet something like, "For tomorrow's game, we've decided not to use the schemes/strategies that worked during our last win."

Or MB could tweet before the game we've decided not to get to worked up for the game, then some of the fans could decided to stay home and watch it on TV or go fishing. :? :oops:

How ironic for Catfish to suggest fishing!!!