Incinerate, Immolate, and heck... Defenestrate the Witches: Game 13

Want to talk quarterbacking?
How about game plan?
Maybe in-game coaching decisions?

Does anybody out there feel that we're ready for the playoffs?

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We will be extremely lucky to beat SSK.
We probably won't be hosting a playoff game, after going 15-3 last season.
This is directly attributable to the co-GMs and their seeming inability to address shortcomings such as the (truely) Offensive Line and the Kicking/Punting game.
To stick with Masoli all game should be a firing offence. The only reason I can see them keeping Dane nailed to the bench is that he's still too hurt to play.
There is a giant hold in the defensive coverage that goes between the hashmarks and extends 12-yards downfield. Every team is exploiting that area.
With 57 cameras in a astadium, I find it nearly inconceivable that they couldn't get a better angle on JS-K's "penalty".


He’s not


I give you credit for holding back.
This defies logic at this point.


It's ludicrous that Masoli was allowed anywhere near a football in the second half.


And then he throws a pick-6 in garbage time. Garbage. Effing. Time!!!


Dane did not deserve to be in that game without first team reps or meaningful game time in the last 4 games. Best for him to stay on the bench. He better get some first team reps this week.

He's a professional QB. If he's not ready to play, he shouldn't put the uniform on.

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I've never seen Dane miss 3 balls like JM did in a quarter.
Including coming in cold off the bench.


Dug ourselves in a hole in the first half forcing the long ball and no running game.

Evans should have started the second half.

Going for a field goal when we need touchdowns?????

This team is done.

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It's a professional football team if they don't get him ready to play by giving him some reps then they shouldn't put the coaches jacket on.

True but if it's a 2 QB team then you have to give the 2nd QB some playing time or reps in practice. The staff made up their minds weeks ago

That I agree with. This is not a 2 QB team.

Then allowed to finish. It's inexplicable.

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Courtney Stephen defending Masoli is a joke.

Lots of dropped balls in this one.

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I only counted two...

Lots of terrible passes in this one, but lets zero in on the 2 drops.


We're recivers not getting open or was Masoli not finding them? He had time.

Lots of interceptions in this one. One that was returned for a TD.
But, of course, it wasn't Masoli's fault...