Incident under the stands

Looks like the CFL is investigating an incident between the Stampeder players and the officials under the stands after the Rider/Calgary game on Friday. More than one Calgary player involved. Suspensions and fines???

Rod Pedersen talks about it on his blog:

The story also recently broke on sportsnet:

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And the Leader Post:

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Perhaps to teach them a lesson they can suspend Hank for next Monday's game. Failing that, perhaps they can order that he throw all second down passes with his left hand.

Nope, the league came up with a much harsher punsihment (As taken from the main forum thread :wink: :

Marty York reports that the CFL has disciplined the Calgary players involved in the altercation. His reliable source reports that the guilty Stamp players will be made to read 4 hours of Kanga's threads regarding the Action Point and Expansion to Alaska and Hawaii. John Hufnagle was also quoted that with punishment like that handed out, his players will NEVER breach any CFL conduct rules again.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks, sportsmen, for my laugh of the day, I needed that.

The only thing to make it worse would be to add BeerBarons telling us about creationism vs. evolution, or maybe ro giving us an unbiased opinion of Conservative politics.

But I digress....................

So What's It Gonna Be? Tue, Oct 7, 08 at 10:47 AM
Upon review of the incident in Regina VS. B.C. , changes were made including season tickets refunded and patrons being asked to never return to the stadium. What will happen as a result of this new incident? Will these players be barred from the league the same way? Or should 30,945 fans simply protest attending Mosaic Stadium until such punishment has been handed down? Why should fans have to suffer consequences and players and coaches do not? The "Commish" was on hand, why has he said nothing....he should resign if he does not hand down significant fines and suspensions. Facts are facts..Rider Fans were punished for their actions IMMEDIATELY and we still have no viable explanations regarding this incident even after 5 days!!! Who looks like sore losers now @#!holes!!!!!?

Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple guys.

Get over it, already.