Incentives for fans to bring groups to games.

Okay I was just reading another thread and was reading how one of the message board members is bringing 10 newbies to the home opener. He's having a BBQ before the game and then enjoying some Canada Day Football.

This got me thinking why not set up a program, where for every group 10 people a season ticket holder brings to a game they get one of their games next season for free.
Here's one for head office to mull over.
What better person to show someone a Ticat game then a season ticket holder.

Lets do the numbers.
A season ticket for a Gold seat is $550 or $55 a game including preseason.

If you bring 10 people to a game and give them a discount price $60 a ticket at a group discount that's
$600. Take away the $55 equals $545 the team has made and hopefully some new fans of the Ticats.

Okay here's dreaming but...if someone brought 10 people to every game that's 80 more people to the games this season and $4360 for the Cats.Also if someone brings 10 people to every home game they get their entire season tickets free for the next year. Big deal, those numbers are insignificant right...wronge.

If the equivalent of just 500 people did this if would mean 4000 more fans at games and $218000 just at the gate.

Now yes it' s not our job to sell tickets, but we all like to have a party. Why not have a party showing your friends what Ticats football and the CFL is all about. Start the day off with a BBQ at your house, sitting on a patio in Hess Village or in Lot J tailgating and finish it off with a celebration of a Great Canadian game! Watching the Ticats lay it on the line.

Now you're saying, it's a pain in the arse trying to get people to pay for the tickets and for me to do the running around.

This can be alleviated by having simpley calling our awesome Ticat Ticket agents, and having them reserve a block of seats for a group. The group would be given a deadline to buy the tickets directly from the Ticats by calling the agent who booked the section. If the tickets aren't bought let's say 3 days before the game then they are put back into general sales and no one is out of money.

The number of tickets sold could be put tracked and total tickets could be reimbursed for the following season.

Just something to think about, encourage the fans to throw a party with Ticat game thrown in!

it could be fun!

GREAT idea !! very forward thinking.

I think it needs to be tweeked a bit, but i like your proactive thinking.

I agree and i know there are people hired in the ti-cat organization that are to come up with these ideas and would easily be able to tweak it to make it the best possible for both situations.

This is pretty interesting...and actually, I bet if you called your Ticat rep, there could probably be some kind of deal worked out if you were planning on bringing in that many 'customers'.

I think I'll be doing something similar with our hockey team --- but for a couple games. We went the flex-pack route last year and it was awesome.

Sat in the endzone -- ultra fun and very economical. Everyone had a great time. And, you basically get a ticket for free...without ridiculous Ticketmaster charges.

Think it worked out to something like $18...not sure... per ticket. Everyone was pretty surprised when I didn't ask them to cough up more than $20......and, truth betold, most gave me $20 -- I turned the difference into beer.

Can you imagine if each season ticket holder brought 10 people to one game in the season. Turning one Ticats game into a party for their friends.

We the fans would be helping the team tremendously. Oh well I know I'm dreaming but it never hurts to dream.

I don't think its an outlandish one! I, for one, was pretty surprised how doable it is. I know not ever seat in the house is as cheap as Endzones, but most of my buddies -- whether they like the Ticats and/or CFL football or not -- were quite fine with throwing $20 down for a good time with the crew.

The only difficulty is the logistics of corralling 10 people!! That's the biggest challenge -- though, must say, facebook is a godsend when it comes to planning this kinda stuff.