Incentive to intentionally go to overtime

maybe they should do a Wendy's shootout for ot :wink:

I completely agree with this and have been arguing this for years.

1 - The reason for OT in the first place is the argument that fans don't like ties. Well football isn't like hockey or soccer. The nature of scoring means that the average ties in a reguklar season for the whole league is about 1 or 2 so who cares!
? Just scrap reg season OT.

2 - The reason for the shootout format is to take up less TV broadcast time. TV statioons hate when games go too long. This is the ONLY reason that the shootout concept was ever dreamed up. It is a TERRIBLE way to decide a football game and is a sacrilige to decide a PLAYOFF or GREY CUP. Again, football is not like hockey, marathon OT games almost never happen in football. If once pee dacade a playoff or grey cup broadcast goes over 4 hours BOO HOO. These games should be decided by playing real football with field position and clock management until there's a winner.

Somehow broadcasters have no problem showing at least 2 triple or quadruple hockey OTs per year but one marathon cfl game every 10 years is not allowed. Can you imagine the outrage if game 7 of the stanley cup was decided witha shootout? But a grey cup can be won and lost with this crapshoot abomination bastardization of football without batting an eye.

Double standard anyone?

I see nothing wrong with no OT and calling it a draw.
As long as it never goes to sudden death, I am fine. I would however like to at minimum see the mandatory 2pt convert attempt dropped. Overall I kida like the OT the way it is though.