Incentive for going for a first down on third down

Your idea rewards failure and penalizes success
Not true. On an average 3rd down play, a team will punt. A punt normally goes a lot farther than 20 yards. (I'm using 20 yards as an arbitrary number, it could be 15 or 10.) Hamilton doesn't get the breathing space a punt would have allowed and Toronto gets better field position than if they had received a punt.

As well, on the rouge, people have made the same argument of rewarding failure. But the defending team failed to get the ball out of their endzone.

This is not a cow tow to the NFL game. I’m not trying to attract an NFL crowd who, like you say, watch the NFL cuz its the Big Bad Boy on the Block as opposed to actually liking football, I’m suggesting it as a way to put in a little extra something.

After all, if the NHL can settle its tie games with a shootout, then ANYTHING can happen.

I know what you are saying.
What I mean my rewarding the O is that if they miss the 3rd attempt from the 50 they should give up the ball at the 50 but your way they give it up at the 30.

What happens if the Cats miss on say the Argo 15? Where would the Agos get the ball.

Also, I agree 100% about the rouge.

Once the ball is on or inside the 45 of the defender, the ball can't be pushed back. (This would assume that the pushback yardage is 20 yards. I would move it to the 40yard line if the pushback was 15yards) Possession takes place where it was captured. That would be my rule anyway.