Incentive for going for a first down on third down

I wonder what you think if there was an incentive for going for first down on third downs. Example, per half, if a team tries for a first down on third without going to a punt formation and does this 2 or 3 times before 5 minutes left in the half, or I suppose even with a punt formation, whether the attempt is successful or not, that the team would get say an extra timeout before the half ends. Might be intersting?

As I believe I posted in some other thread...

This is going to be a LLLLOOOOOONNNGGGG offseason.

The incentive is....."If they make it they get three more downs."

Ok, ok, enough guys, I know when an idea of mine is, well, maybe a bit far off. But if the league can do a rule like punting out of bounds between the 20's and a penalty to help create more excitement, really I don't think this idea is that far out there to be quite honest!

Yah, it is! :wink:

Move the goal posts back.

Here is the incentive....if they gamble on 11 consective 3 downs on the drive and make them without getting any penalities, I say we give them a touchdown.

A perfectly good thread gone down the drain. Guys, I'm emotionally hurt with your comments and demand apologies immediately, if not sooner, as a teacher of mine once said. :wink:

good thread earl- in sandlot football we used to say-'hoof or goof" on third down lol- - IMO- trying for a first down depends on were the line of scrimmage is- anywhere between the 55 yd line and the op,s 35 is a good area to goof.sometimes use of the onside quick kick makes games exiting,- And inside the op,s 10 yd line because field goals aren't automatic from that close to the goal line-

lol! Exzacccccccckly...


But look at hockey and the "excitement" they've put in with the shootout. Heck, some teams won't make the playoffs because they didn't win games in a shootout. Which begs the question, should teams have a couple of guys on the roster who aren't good enough or shouldn't be playing in the game but are there in case the game goes to a shootout. I hate the shootout and don't watch it most of the time. At least here I'm talking about making the game more exciting without doing something as stupid as a shootout.

I know, I know, there's still going to be posts about the incentive is they get 3 more downs, I should have known better. :roll:

Great Post…Gets my vote! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dumb idea, lets worry about this 1 point for kicking the ball out,

…I say if the O gets the first down on a third down gamble the coach takes the whole team out to Dairy Queen after the game…Yay! Dairy Queen!!!..

Oh Red, you show your true self now, hmmm, Dairy Queen er I mean Fairy Queen. 8)

You would have been better off with Harvey’s, they make a better burgler anyways. :thup:

Have you been secretly talking to Kanga??

Nothing wrong with the Rouge.

If you didn't want the to give up a single point, your team should not have let them get into the punter's range.

Okay, maybe I'm crazy, but I think Earl is on to something. Three down football turns off some football fans, its true, we all know this.

Encouraging a team to take risks makes the game more interesting. So instead of an extra timeout, why not spot the ball 20 yards from where the defensive team captured it? For example, If the TiCats go for it on third down on the Toronto 50 yard line and foul up, then Toronto takes possession on their own 30 yard line.

You may all berate me now.

The heck with them then.
Why should be change the game we all love just to please the people who will always turn their noses up at it because it is not the NFL?

As for your sugggestion.
Why should we penalize Toronto but stopping the Cats on a 3rd down attempt.

Your idea rewards failure and penalizes sucess

Why should be change the game we all love just to please the people who will always turn their noses up at it because it is not the NFL?

I think that really the CFL isn't left with any other choice, which isn't a bad thing BTW, than to leave it at 3 downs regardless, damned if you do and damned if you don't to certain fans. The last thing the CFL would want would be to alienate the fan base the league already has which potentially could happen going to 4 downs. And there is no guaranttee that the "4 downs only counts" people out there will take to the CFL if it goes 4 downs, no guarantee at all I don't think.