Incentive and a Question...

What basis do you have that the Lions are gonna win? Look, these teams are pretty evenly matched. But the one thing I'm gonna stick to is that we have the incentive.

It turns my stomach to think that the Eskis have a chance to represent the West at the Grey Cup in OUR locker room. Do you think that is on their minds?

Yes, yes, it happened in the 80's the Eskis came in and beat the Lions and went on to win the cup here. But you know what? Wally Buono wasn't coaching at that game, man! He is the consumate pro and mindgame master. He always says that players do not need any incentive other than the desire to excel and execute well on any given gameday, but don't you think he planted the incentive in Lions heads?

So who really would this affect? Who has the hottest heads and most emotional turmoil? The O-line and the D.

These guys did not get the respect they deserved the whole season.

Our O-line is a walking MASH unit think, they''ve got something to prove. Most guys are playing with one good arm and leg. Our defense was good, but they did not get the nods and cheers from most of the media. Yes 97 is our nominee out west for the Outstanding CFL Canadian, but the hype is on Eiban because of his numbers and is most likely to win because he was bridesmaid last year. Johnson says thank you for the honour.

Do you really think he is gonna voice his real opinion about himself on air? Did he ever? NO! He's gonna do what he always does let the talk talk itself out on the field! This bad cat is gonna launch himself out of a cannon into the backfield today, boy!

We have the incentive.

And to all those stonewall this as pure speculation and desperation, I have a question for you:
What do the Lions wear to ride downhill into the Grey Cup? Eskis.

Ride the Eskis baby! Ride em hard, and when you go to the West Final today bring a little something for our fellas, people, bring your game face and let the Leos know they cannot let the Eskis host in OUR HOUSE! It's our House, we will host The SHOW!!! The Grey Cup game is one win away.

BRING :evil: NOISE, BC!!! ALL OF IT!!! :twisted:

Colour me gone. See you at the House.

only dumbasses answer there own posts, rookie

Gees rnr are you still looking for that ferry to goto bc place?

Hey, RnR you made it! You're right rookie mistake.

How was the fairy ride, you here to see Lui? Or some other parade? :wink:

Talk to you after the game. I'm out the door now.