Ince Moved to Development Roster

According to the website, the Ticats transferred offensive lineman Eric Ince to the development roster today:

"Name: 2007-08-23: Tiger-Cats Transactions:
Tiger-Cats Transactions

ROSTER 23-Aug-07

HAM DEL NIP Eric INCE (OL) Saint Mary's

NON-ACTIVE 23-Aug-07

HAM ADD NIP Eric INCE (OL) Saint Mary's"

Therefore, it looks as though Pascal Cheron will see some game action on the Ticat offensive line against the Alouettes on Saturday night.

I really do hope Cheron's knee is feeling better. He was contemplating retirement if it didn't improve soon. That would have been a great tragedy. Lets hope his knee gets stronger. He is such a great and loyal guy and I hope he can play at least a couple more years.

Sends good thoughts and vibes to Cheron's knee