In your face Paul Godfrey !

Tagliabue slams door on Canadian expansion
Friday, February 3, 2006 Posted at 1:29 PM EST
Canadian Press

Detroit � National Football League commissioner Paul Tagliabue says the league has no plans to expand into Canada.

During his state of the league address Friday, Tagliabue said the league's priority remains putting a team back in Los Angeles.

The long-standing notion has been that if and when the NFL returns to Los Angeles, it would add a second expansion team to keep the two conferences balanced.

The NFL currently has 32 teams, 16 per conference. Los Angeles would make for 33.

However, Tagliabue said the league is willing to go with an odd number of teams for several years, thus delivering a blow to Canada's chances of landing a club.

Toronto has long lobbied for an NFL expansion franchise and in the past Tagliabue has always kept the door open to the possibility, although during a visit to they city in 2002 he told Canadian fans not to hold their breath.

"I don't see any expansion on the horizon," he said then.

His latest comments seemed to underline that.

In October, Tagliabue suggested Toronto might host a regular-season game next season, the way Mexico City did in 2005, but on Friday he also shot that down.

Tagliabue has long teased Canadians about the possibility of expansion to the north, always stopping short of making any firm commitments.

During a 1995 visit to Toronto, he said: "We're very interested in this market. We know how much interest there is here in the NFL and we have equally as much interest."

In 1997, he said that any expansion to Canada would have to consider the possible effects on the CFL.

"So when it comes to Toronto, Vancouver or any other possible expansion location in Canada, we also have the element of the Canadian Football League. But that's part of what we will be studying in depth beginning now and going forward for the rest of this year."

........hardy har har, ah, who wants it anyway?........

good...he knows his role!

By the way, any of you saw Godfrey in that Salvation Army ad? Doesn't he looks just like the hobos he's talking about?..

I wish Godfrey would open his eyes and see any NFL franchise in Toronto would be a blow to the CFL. With a NFL franchise in Canada's biggest city not only would it take away from the Argo's, fan support, merchandise sales, the media would focus more on the NFL and leave the CFL farther down in the news.

I like the NFL but it can stay south and Canada can stay as a one football league country.

I am pretty sure that godfrey knows that Roughy, he just doesn't care. He is thinking of his own poskets

Yah you’re probably right Billy. Thank goodness the NFL doesn’t think the same.

Thanks Third for this article. No pussy footing around now, no expansion into Canada. Now if Paul Godfrey says anything from this time forward that "Toronto is the next city after LA", then really, his friends and family must take him to the looney bin for some state-of-the-art treatment.
Thank you commissioner Tagliabue for being straight up on this, a few people here in Canada such as Mr. Godfrey, while they can dream all they want, have a difficult time getting through their thick skulls what the truth is and for these people, you and me and everyone else needs to speak in very clear and precise terms so as not to confuse them.

Does this mean I’m allowed to watch the Super Bowl now?

Andre Talbot was on the Grill room ( sun tv ) and had a message to those who want an NFL team in Toronto and said Godfrey specificly.

he said; 'dont sell out our canadian heritage for hype, dont sell our flag, CFL is our game'

Thanks for posting this very good article DG. Again, pointing out the obvious which most of us knew for a long time. I wonder how our “buddy” Paul will spin this one?

The NFL doesn't need more teams, have one relocate to LA (you all know my choice, no need to start that again).

The only way that Canada gets a NFL team is when the CFL meaged with the NFL, and that's not happing cuz the CFL is very sucessful in Canada.

so that my kiss of death on the issue.

if their was ever a meaged, only two teams would join, not 4 like in the ABA and WHA meages. I only say that cuz a while back, only Edmonton was in the black, so I think that they and the Argos would go and the rest would die IMO. ut that will not be the CFL future, no need to agrue this.

Thanks Third.... I heard the statement on the noon sports today.

I think its time to start sizing Godfrey for one of those "White Jackets"!

Good article ... I'm glad to see Tagliabue is thinking of us, too. I have no gripe with him ...

What's sad is that stupid Godfrey is going to keep on this until he dies ... it will probably be his epitaph on his gravestone. "The NFL will expand to Toronto and knock out the Argos!" Well here's proof, you idiot - it's not. Not only because it doesn't want to, but because it also doesn't want to screw over the CFL.

Great quote by Talbot, too ... he hit the nail on the head! Now we just need all the so-called "football fans" who bash the CFL and prefer the glitz of the NFL to listen ...

I saw Talbot last night in the repeat Grill Room. He was passionet and very articulate in his "last word" preserving Canadian institutions.
As for the papers today, in the left wing Toronto Star the writer at the Snore was of course trying to put a positive spin. Although stating(which is a surprise) how Commissioner Tagliabue has taken a U-turn on expansion, note it was never granted to begin with so I dont know how it is a U-turn, again the positive spin "well it is not definite"..

Since the NFL gets the majority of it's money from tv, they aren't likely to expand. Los Angeles will more likely end up being home for a team like the Saints. The Forty-Niners are also a good candidate to move if they don't get a new stadium. Other franchises that could end up in LA are small market teams like the Jaguars or maybe the Raiders depending on how much money they would be willing to throw Al Davis's way.

Another thing that's annoying about Toronto's interest in the NFL is that Toronto seems to be at the centre of alot of the America bashing that is taking place in Canada now while at the same time trying to bring in more U.S. sports like the NFL and the MLS.

Cway, I am not sure but are you trying to justify same. Bringing more US sports is definitely what we do not need in this country. What makes the US all of a sudden the authority on sports leagues? Over hyped, over paid etc... Do we need to remind people what happened to our other "game" hockey, when the US took over and or we sold out to same. Hockey will never be the same again.

altho some US hockey teams are doin really well...minnesota, columbus, carolina.

Agree some are, but how many times did the Minnesota area fail previously. The jury is still out for Carolina who because they are winning, the crowds are OK this year. The south is not hockey country and although the league will not, Atlanta, both Florida and Phoenix should be toast. We all agree how Winnipeg, QC and even Halifax deserve a hockey team. Because of Bettman and the US sellout, it's not going to happen. Just like............ wait, NFL expansion to the wannabee Toronto.