In your face marketing

Great to see the Cats seem to be covering more ground this year working to build support. They had the merchandise trailer at Festival of Friends. I was downtown yesterday and the merch trailer, Stripes, etc. were set up in Gore Park. Today at Ribfest they had a bunch of people working the crowd, giving out Tigertown decals and signing people up for the Ticats Insider.

Maybe they've been this proactive for years and I didn't notice, but they've been difficult not to notice this month. Kudos to them - to really build the brand back up to front and centre where it should be, they've got to be out there where people are, making it hard for people to ignore them.

Ya no kidding its great. The other night I was driving up Upper James with my boys and noticed the big inflatable helmet in front of Turtle Jacks so of course we had to stop. They were selling merchandice and tickets and a bunch of Cats were inside having wings and bevies while sighning autographs. They were all very receptive and actually took the time to talk to you. It was pretty neat.
Good job Cats