In Unison

It seems every game, one group gets it done and one doesn't. Last night, In my opinion the entire defense got it done, and some of our young receivers stepped up. The problem being the quarterbacking, o-line and running game were almost non existent. If you would have asked at the beginning of the week, 90 percent of you would have expected this game to be a shootout.

This team has alot of young potential, if the defence can play like that week in and week out, they will keep us in the games, the offence has shown flashes of brilliance, once everyone is together there they will get us out of the holes. We know about Lumsden, but it seems our first overall pick of last year has arrived, Chris Bauman. And how about Prechae Rodriguez? what a find he was.

Every group on this team has shown flashes of brilliance, it is time to put it all together, in unison and be a team.

You certainly can't fault the defence. If they only allow 19 pts we should win every game.

Of course if our offence only scores 13 pts, then we shouldn't win any.

You certainly can't fault the defence. If they only allow 19 pts we should win every game.

Of course if our offence only scores 13 pts, then we shouldn't win any.

Are you trying to tell us that Defense is 75% of the game and the other half is Offense. :wink:

Yup. That's what I see too.

Patience is what will allow the needed synchronicity.

Young team that is only 5 games into the season.

With so many dismal, joyless posts
to slug through from our older fans,

it's a treat to see a young person
with a positive attitude, chris101.

It was great to see our front 7 make some sacks
and make Ricky Ray hurry his throws, wasn't it?

I enjoy you posts.

It is a fact of life in the early stages on the road
to building a team into a consistent winner

that a unit that seemed to be 'getting it's groove'
will surprisingly seem to fall right off the track

and a different unit will step up that week.

If Casey can play next week hopefully
the Offence will get back on track.

Thank god, this year's team
is not like last year's team

when bumbling letdowns came
from everywhere every week.

I like your logic. The coaching staff, especially Mr. Bellfiulee (sp) must come up with a better plan than the one we had last Friday. If the running game does not work off tackle - come up with a plan to counter the defence. One major problem with this team is commuications and most importently adjustments. This team needs to fire on all cylinders and react to all phases of the game. This starts with the coaches - communication -communication - I specifically watched our coaching staff on Friday night and there is NO consistent leadership or communication. If you want to win on all three phases of the game - commuincation and leadership will fix this problem. I believe the team is not too far off from winning some games.

Armchair: "this team needs to etc......"

Of course it does. That's why the coaches were hired!
But they are not doing it. Each week brings newer ways to be even more ineffective. "Communication and leadership"? Its hasn't happened since Charlie arrived. How on earth can these "more time" folks think things will change now. I noticed Charlie again is blaming the players for miscues etc.with no admission that the coaching is bad.
I think the players have all but given up on this coaching crew.Who can blame them?
Repeat after me...4 wins and 23 losses. This year we are 1-4 so far which just about puts us on track for a repeat of last year's dismal record.
What other team would put up with this performance using the feeble excuse that "lets continue this course because things might change."?
Sure we are better than last year.That is not hard to do. The problem is that the other teams in the CFL are all playing way better than we are this year!

I agree with your thoughts as well. What will it take for Charlie and the braintrust to get this team performing as a team. If I were Obie - I would sit these guys down and provide specific expectations that are reasonable and attainable. If the coaches are unable to provide the minimun of these goals - SO LONG. These clowns are being outcoached game after game …

Great post Chris101!

I was thinking the same thing actually.

It has happened once this year though in the Toronto game....every unit was firing on all cylinders and we saw how that one turned out.

The only thing I will say is that our special teams cover units and even the return teams have been very solid all season. Very consistent play aside from the two punt fakes last game.

If our units all get on the same page, we are a dangerous team.

Seems to me that if your QBs are sacked 8 times and the QBs have to hurry their throws there is a serious problem with the O line.

I'm with Chris on this one ... the game against the Blue Team it ALL came together BEAUTIFULLY! And everyone saw it! There IS talent on this time ... AND there IS GUTS and DETERMINATION on this team.

Every game I've seen this year the team DOESN"T give up which is COMPELTELY different from last year's team. Heck if Friday night's game had happened last year the team would have folded by 1/2 time.

I agree that special teams has been solid (Tre Smith is a keeper) and Bauman and P-Rod have really shown up ...

The O-Line needs to retool back to what it was against the Argos and some receivers need VELCRO in their gloves.

The D looked good on Friday... tho' I'd like to see more two arm tackles and taken 'em down than one arm or just blocks.

AND I'd really like to see a runing play without Piercy coming in! It's WWAAAYYY too much of an indicator for the other team's defense!

I just think we're forgetting that, despite how miserable we played, two botched plays would've allowed us to win this one...sorry to belabour it, but had Williams rushed for that 1st down on the 6 -- which I'm sure Lumsden et al., could've converted into a major -- its a totally different finish.

Even with that...Woodcock was about 3 cm's from winning it anyway.

I'm optimistic about the talent on this team...I just worry about what's going on between the ears of some of the coordinators.

Tough to win when you beat yourselves.