Usually around this time in years gone bye, the Argos would start their season ticket blitz and tickets in general and yes on the Fan 590, even though this is Rogers owned.
So when I heard the beginning of the radio ad on Friday it was like relief and it's about time.
However all is not what it appeared as quickly it was about the Bills tickets for the two games here in Toronto, the X game in August and the Reg season in November.
So is this what we can expect from the frugal Braley owned team?
Can some of you out in the Couv tell what has happeded in your neck of the woods with Mr. Braley?

Ah, Rogers is very desperate to sell some tickets. Let's be nice and let them take the advertising limelight to show our empathy towards their blight with the NFL games in Toronto, it's the least we can do as civilized Canadians who feel bad for others out there. I'm sure David feels the same on this and wants to lend a helping hand towards Rogers. :slight_smile:

No, that is what you can expect from Rogers.

Mr. Braley did an amazing job turning around a floundering franchise into a great one. He got rid of people who had their heads up their asses, hired good people, supported the team but otherwise was hands off. I could not ask for more from a team owner.

There are large ads on bus shelters in Mississauga.

people riding the bus are not likely to buy season tickets.

people riding the bus are not likely to buy season tickets.
...perhaps with all the money they're saving on gas they could afford it? Also, people driving by in cars might see the ads too. 8)

Possibly they might buy single game tickets. You gotta start somewhere.

But it's the "mighty huge unreal gigantic magnifecent bigger-than-life out-of-universe etc. NFL" arent' all the tickets for all the games sold out on day one of them being available? :o :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Isn't everyone on the planet Earth supposed to bow down and worship the Almighty - NFL? :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean Phil Lind told me that anyone who plays in the NFL is like some sort of human robot superbeing capable of lifting tall buildings in a single bound, well, something like that Phil baby told me. Even kyrptonite can't harm them. Hey Phily? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Phil, I shouldn't be so nasty, should I? :cowboy:

As baffling as this sounds about Toronto from the outside looking in, it would seem to me as if the funds from NFL coffers are doing the real talking in the local media well off the set and so the folks are hearing far more echos about the NFL?

These are just typical old-skool media and propaganda tactics that most so-called "free press" "reporters" or "deejays" and so forth don't share with the public so they can continue their freeloading as part of their compensation structure. This is also why many of those types absolutely hate the sports and other blogs that keep them honest unlike even five years ago with largely only disorganised internet chatter and some YouTube.

Given the feedback so far in this thread and past feedback on Toronto, we really have to wonder how that the NFL money talking to key folks could not be the case.

When in doubt or there is so-called great "mystery," I say follow the money trail or use Occam's razor until someone can advise otherwise with better information.

We all know how this NFL Bills thing has been a financial disaster and good on the Rogers people, but my concern is the lack of the Argos name in the media and especially now with the season around the corner.
Recently in the local papers especially here with the Toronto Sun, the MLS TFC team seems to have taken over in the spring and is getting mega write ups. Even though their season has already started, we are talking multi stories on each day and they have two exclusive writers.
Anyway, I digress however with the Leafs, Raptors and Jays being in the toilet again this year it is a golden opportunity for the Argos to become relevant.
We cannot have another year like the previous two.

Look, the MLS is "hot" and both the Jays and Argos are feeling it. But for me, who cares, it's soccer and soccer is not my game nor do I wish to follow it with it being said I will say soccer now has my attention and could be closing on the Blue jays for me albeit I stiil relate to baseball more than soccer. But these are all transgressions to my ultimate gridiron and CFL love. But I am keeping a watch on soccer but I still just can't relate to the names even compared to baseball even though I know baseball is "bigger" than soccer in Toronto. Or is it? Or who cares really? Two different fan bases. Argos are the number one field team for me though in that city, that's the only team I want to beat. Blue Jays, TFC I don't care who they play agains't or if they win or lose.

Argos had ticket commercials on during TSN’s draft program today.

Earl and Argotom, I have played and trained for soccer on an amateur basis, once more consistently than since 2005 due to a lot of moving and job changes and a strange non-sports related knee injury for part of 2008 and 2009, since 1994 after playing some rugby (union, not that league crap) and some American football in college at the University of Notre Dame (not NCAA just intramural in actual pads too mind you). I still train for all three just to keep in solid shape and because gyms are so boring, and when going to Florida in July I'll probably just get into rugby first as my choice because with that I get to clobber folks too. :stuck_out_tongue:

After playing so much soccer, I can tell you that to watch the game for sure is not nearly as interesting as playing. I'd say the gap is far greater than it is if than if you once played football, where I think still watching is better than playing unless you can play defence or are talented enough to play quarterback in a mostly passing offense or running back in a ball-control or West Coast offense.

And rugby is far more fun to play than to watch too, and rugby of the three is probably the most physically draining most often of the three when played properly because other than your overall conditioning you must be highly skilled in attack/ offence and defence no matter where you play on the pitch.

If there is any similarity to any displeasure in watching any of the three, it is in penalties disrupting play. Sometimes a bad rugby match full of penalties is like an awful football game full of flags or a soccer game with poor passing like some of the MLS games or with too many sloppy or chippy fouls interrupting the flow of play.

Above all it seems, perhaps due to the heavily tactical nature of gridiron football much like a game of human chess, that most North American fans and players of either soccer, or more rarely rugby, enjoy also gridiron football than the other way around.

Hey I don't disagree with you PX, as I likewise when I played the game in high school and then ref'd for a number of years afterwards there is nothing like being on the pitch.
But watching MLS, a fourth or fifth division type of soccer is really unwatchable period.
Now, you will get me to watch most if not as many as possible of the coming World Cup and Euro Cup games every two years in rotation.
Regardless though, like many of us here the best form of entertainment bar none is our beloved CFL.

Here here!! Good post. I always laugh when some of my friends who like soccer, bash the Argos and CFL as minor league football. When MLS to me is like single A baseball.

Hey, people who bash the CFL in many cases are paying a compliment to the league. It's like when great players often get booed in the opposing teams stadium or arena. It bugs people that the CFL is quite popular with us guys, bugs the crap out of them since they can't seem to "get it" themselves so they bash. Consider it a compliment as I say and smile.

The little soccer I played it was fun have to admit but I just can't watch it, I have to admit I don't "get it". I'll turn into the World Cup a bit though just because it's so different than normal soccer stuff.

Earl right on and know that this in general is the case with most amateur active players too.

Nowadays it has never been so much easier to watch top European and global play on TV too. GolTV and Fox Soccer Channel, the latter which you have in Canada and often broadcasts with Canadian broadcasters via Winnipeg also to the US plus make for more compelling choices than watching any given MLS game on ESPN in person with an easy ticket lest one is in Toronto or Seattle it appears.

Most active players don't give a rip about the MLS though all the same there is such a great scene in Seattle and Toronto, and even with the louts in in the crowds Columbus and in LA for two teams, so we ought be happy for them as well as we will be for Portland and for Vancouver. The MLS would be prudent to look to Montreal as the next hotbed to continue that trend and not try to be ambitious about most areas with far less public enthusiasm before a game has been played. The jury is out here in Philadelphia now it seems.

And no question it is so much better to play soccer at times, but not when you have poor teamwork and in my opinion most pick-up action full of a bunch of Maradona wannabes, than to watch.

what a silly thing to say. i take the bus and go to 7 bomber home games a year on average.

some of us take the bus because 1. we dont have a license 2. we dont want to park downtown where we work.

just cuz i ride the bus doesnt mean i dont have money.

how silly.

10 bucks to park downtown all day vs 5 bucks to take the bus there and back..

HMM i actually save 5 bucks.. x that by a week and i have enough cash for a ticket. amazing isnt it.

Actually after the oil disaster down south right now, I'd love to get rid of my car if I could and go as green as possible. I won't, unfortunately because I'm "tied" to this car thing but people who do chose to ride the bus instead of buying a car are doing the planet a favour in some respects. The more we can all leave our cars at home the better but far easier said than done, we live in a car-oriented, personal transportation society. :?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

GO LAUGHS GO!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :rockin: :cowboy: