In through the back door!

O.K. are record is better than the Bombers, so we should be there. But let's make the most of our opportunity now. Based on our performance on a whole this year, I would not expect a victory against Hamilton. However, if they can put it together as a team, you never know. A chance for the defence to redeem themselves, after the poor performance against Edmonton. At this point, the quarterback is the biggest question. Hope to hear some good news on that later this week.
Win or lose, I hope they put forth a good effort and a full 60 minutes. Go Lions Go! :rockin:

Agreed LionsLip. A full 60 minutes. If ever there is a miracle week, lets hope the next week preceding Sunday will be it so the Lions can recover from the flu and their injuries heal. Someone reported that Printers was actually throwing the ball today [Sunday]. Hmmm.... if that is true then he will have made a speedy recovery indeed!

I read that there are 4 main ligaments in the thumb. Printers jammed his thumb [no break] and did some ligament damage but he says he's improving everyday. It must have been extremely painful but minor if he already recovering. Ligament damage can take between 4-6 weeks to properly heal. Well, if he was truly seen throwing the ball around today that speaks volumes. The question is, will it be healed enough to play a full game?

While some of the games were blow-outs against B.C. several were very close including the home opener against Hamilton. The Lions' D stunk the place out against Edmonton but played very well against teams like Calgary, Saskatchewan [last couple of weeks] and even Montreal of all teams!

If the Lions can shut corn on the Cobb down, keep Printers or Lulay in the game and if Mallet and Grice-Mullens can play like they played against Edmonton we have a good chance of taking out Hamilton. Geroy and Printers might be an awesome combination.

If Printers and Lulay go down....we are done done done....but that is not going to happen is it? :rockin:

Lookin forward to a solid game!

stoked for the game! we got a shot for sure! lets get revenge on them!

or , In through the OUT door. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tiger-Cat Great. What will you say on the Lions forum IF the Lions should beat Hamilton? While Hamilton has corn on the Cobb, the Lions have Mallet the hammerhead. Hamilton has Bruce and Lions have Simon.

Hamilton won only one more game than the Lions. While it is true the Cats had a lot fewer points scored against them during the season they did not score that many more points than B.C. While they did beat the Lions both times during the regular season the Lions could have easily split those games. I would not count it as a given that this will be a cake walk for the Ti-Cats. It may…but don’t count on it.

The Lions have no magic bullets or rabbits to pull out of a hat. Printers and Lulay will have to be healthy enough to play well. The Lions D will either be incredibly tough or they will be marshmallow soft in which case corn on the Cobb will feast on the Lions. But if the Lions are healthy enough they could well take Hamilton. What will you say Tiger-Cat if they do?

im proud of my lions. tear

he will blame the refs LOL just at this very moment saw the sports center report on your starting qb and would like all printers haters to listen to mr printers statement...i would say there has been a humbling of his attitude as he has vocally put the team ahead of himself.

:lol: Oh, a real wise guy, eh? But you're right. I will probably take my family to the League Head office and picket them until they overturn the results of the game, should we lose! You guys couldn't even get arrested when it comes to CFL officiating. It always seems to slant towards the Lions. Why is that?

Tiger-Cat Great did not answer the question posted previously. Now, to use his words, "Why is that?" :cowboy:

Of course I answered it. I will picket the league office to protest the officiating until they overturn the results of the game should we lose.

IN the back door? I didn't know we were talking about Celebrities but I digress...
I'm looking forward to the game! GO LIONS!

with bells on !