In the words of Roberto Duran...

No Maas. (No more).

That's enough.
We're 4 and 19 with Maas as a starter, and now 0 and 5 to begin this season. Whether Maas is to blame or not, this season is not progressing well and we should give Chang the next start because:

  1. He gives us a better chance to win.
  2. We need to do something to shake this thing up.
  3. We're rebuilding and should develop the future.

I'd rather miss the playoffs but develop the future, than miss the playoffs watching Maas and be no further ahead for next year.

For what it's worth, I have NOT given up on this season, but I'm the eternal Ticat optimist ('if we can just win 4 of the next 5...') about everything except our present starting QB.

CFL QBs need to be able to pass downfield. Maas seems to be unable to throw anything but lame duck wobblers 20 yards downfield. Perhaps he's hurt, not fully rehabbed, etc - I don't know, but it's quite irrelevant - he is NOT getting the job done...

Please, please guys ... No Maas, No Maas...