In the words of Mr. T

I pity the fool!

who bidded on and won the third jersey. Or who is shelling out alot of money for the helmets. I fully endorse the proceeds of the auction going to the worthy causes. It's spend alot of money on an item that ..let's face it...will not exactly be associated with a fond memory. "See this helmet son...I bought this after my home team was slaughtered 40 to 6. And that jersey, well our team was out played 20 to 2. Yes...these items are real treasures that I will remind me of days gone by".

Insider tip

The last game of the season, they are going to auction off the seats. Word is, they won't be needed next year.

Maybe they should auction off the players....but than again nobody wants them either.....

Don’t have that conversation until the Ticats are on their winning streak.

You can preface it with “You’re going to find this hard to believe, son.”

Then you can explain that you wanted a memento from the dark ages of Ticat football because it was such an aberration and would likely not happen again.

I am glad he didnt say S.U.C.K.A

Who is the fool who censored s.u.c.k anyhow :roll:

I didn't know they censored suck. When did they do that?



it would seem that and have differnet censor rules maybe???