In The Words Of Filter..."Where Do We Go From Here?"

It's been interesting reading all of the forum posts and infighting between some postees. As a long term (almost 30 years) fan though, I offer some thoughts on recent Lions gashes that were once thought to be scrapes. Hopefully someone out there has a box of "Team Shortcomings" Band-Aids to stop the bleeding that will continue profusely unless aid is given. Allow me to elaborate on some "aching" thoughts...

  1. As last Sunday's Eastern Final was, for all intensive purposes, over by half-time @ 31-11, Duane Forde and company (TSN's broadcast crew) had all sorts of time to discuss other things such as Montreal came to be such a powerhouse for so many years. You might have remembered how they discussed and showed the fact that Anthony Calvillo pours over game film of the defense from the upcoming week and intently studies the tendencies of the team he'll face. I'm curious to know if Buck Pierce, Jarious Jackson, Travis Lulay or even Casey Printers would subscribe themselves to such detail and workmanlike-mentality. Forde also pointed out that 7 or 8 of the veterans on Montreal lead the team meetings every week and go over how they're going to approach their upcoming foe. Forde kept mentioning the "business-like" mentality that Montreal uses to operate their team. He said, and it makes sense, that it the reason they've had such a winning record for so many years. One could argue they haven't had a whole lot of success winning Grey Cups. Still, they've been to the last 7 of 10 Grey Cups. Compare this to our group of lads. That is...

It is come to a point to determine, discuss and decide if Wally has too much control and power over this team. I know, and the forum posts here have clearly pointed out, we need to give him some credit for his winning record with BC (and Calgary) as well as the fact he's now the all-time winningest Canadian coach. Yet, and if we use the "veterans team meetings" approach as an example, if a player or assistant coach on the team made a decision about a player, play, upcoming opponent, etc. that would have a significant impact on the team, would Wally TRULY listen to that person. I submit that he has the ultimate say in an almost "omnipresent" way. It's probably blasphemous to make such a suggestion but, and players have personally mentioned this, but what Wally says goes. If you don't like can get out of town. Such a heavy-handed way will work for a time, but... Has the magic and fire-and-brimstone act started to wear thin. I'm not suggesting we fire old Wal' but perhaps he should take a look in the mirror and realize that Montreal's "business-like" ways may just be the best for the team. There is also a sort of irony to this if we take a look at his 2 most important assistant coaches. That is...

  1. Jacques Chapdelaine has long proved himself as a HIGHLY PREDICTABLE Offensive Coordinator. Other teams have admitted they know what's he doing and figured out his schemes...if you can call them that. For the first part of this season, the Lions were guaranteed to just hand it off on 1st down and hope for the best. Teams knew this and keyed on it. That put us in 2nd and long countless times. I agree with the post that said something about a quick hitch pass after a 2-step QB drop or crossing pattern. In fact, that's an excellent point. The Lions don't have it in the play books as every other team does. Why not utilize some new form of the Wildcat formation? What about a "Hook and Ladder" play? What about receivers doing crossing routes to create a rub (kind of like Hamilton and Montreal both did in their almost win and wins respectively)? These are all just quick thoughts to point out that Chapdelaine does not do his job. He's great at looking like a baseball coach with all of his baseball-like hand signals to the QB's. What good does it do though when we've had countless 2 and outs this season. In fact, I would hazard a guess that we've had more than any other team. Our offensive line may have been like "swiss cheese" this season, but our offensive plan was just as bad last season, if you remember, when we had the likes of Rob Murphy here. Hmm....go figure. Think about Jacques.

As for Benevides, I don't believe he does as much "business-like" film study either. His blitzes are poorly timed and his secondary can not be counted on. And here's a thought, 9 times this season a time rushed for more than 100 yards on the Lions. I believe there was more rushing yardage accrued on the Lions than any other team. Still, why can't or didn't Benevides make halftime adjustments in games such as the Winnipeg, Hamilton or Calgary "rushing" shellackings?? How difficult would that be. Although, when you're linebackers consist of constantly-out-of-position likes such as Glatt, Armour and yes, even McKenzie, maybe the run can't be stopped. By the way, there's plenty of bad video footage of the forementioned linebackers going the WRONG direction on countless run plays this year.

  1. And I'll stop at this point as this post is getting way too long, but whoever mentioned the finger-pointing going in the secondary is SPOT ON!! In the last few weeks, the nightly highlight packages have showed countless images of DB's pointing at each other just after the touchdown has been scored. I ask what other team in the CFL (or NFL for that matter) has as much finger-pointing going on as the Lions right now. Of course, this is right after the opposing receiver is wide open on the play. In fact, "wide open" is a bit of an understatement as any members of the Lions' Forum here could have caught a lot of those balls. How on Earth can that happen at such crucial times. The sad truth and reality could be that...

The Lions have ALL slowly lost faith in each other, the coaching staff and the system in place (whatever that is) to some extent. There is evidence to prove this. This sad truth has finally reared it's "ugly head" to the nth degree. Unless we change how things are done within the team and how each week of the season (and pre-season) is approached, we are in for a long spell of 8 and 10 seasons.

I don't love Montreal but you have to give them credit for their overall system. Wally played for Montreal so it wouldn't mean he'd have to eat too much pride to take a "couple of pages" out of their book.

suck it up Nancy! granted we did take a few beatings this year but for whatever reason (financial or talent) Wally made a lot of changes from last year and combined with injuries resulted in what is now history. but on the flip side we lost a few close ones that we coulda shoulda won and would have had us sitting in 1st place when the music stopped.
I think old Wally will figger it all out for us and we'll be back in the saddle soon enough.

Well lets put it this way would you be happy if Wally kept his old core of players for the last 5 years and not add any youth to delelope them like the Adam Rita / Greg Mohns era?
How many Lion coaches have takin their team to the Divisional final for 6 straight years or 7 straight playoff berths besides Wally??? In my opinion this was a rebuilding ear for us . I really don't know what you were expecting this year when the Lions decided to let go of some of the old core from the team last year.
Changes were made , Did you expect instint success with that many changes to the roster of the team? You had Foley coming into this year as a back up for Cam Wake with big shoes to fill and did a great job. When we had Mallet coming into Camp he was basically an unknown to replace Logan and weren't sure if he was going to be on the opening day roster but ended up with rookie of the year. Wally Found a young blue chipper in Lulay and will develope him like any other successful QB he had. You think Wally kept Sean Whyte around to keep McCallum company for the year? There are changes that were made . Its not as loom and gloom as you think. At least Wally making changes to the line up for the future of this team .
Do you really think that WALLY should take a page out of Montreal? Ok Then Maybe Montreal shoud take a page from Wally when it comes to developing players like the QB department. What are Montreal chances if Callvillo goes down with an injury??? A t least Wally can say he won games with 4 different qb in the same year, despite dealing with a mash unit in that department.

We should win the GC every 8 years so we are probably on schedule.

McPhearson in relief of Calvillo this yr. looks good enough to win for what I see.

That maybe true but did he play when there was something on the line Doc? I know he played in the last regular season game when they were resting Calvillo for the playoffs.

I've never like Chapdelaine... He should be the first to go.

Predictable Offense! In two seasons, how many times have we come up short on 3rd and inches? Too many times for my liking.

I never liked him in Edmonton either thank god he didn't stick around for too long, as bad as Winnipeg was there offensive cordinator was good I thought the Bombers were very creative with there Running game but lacked a good QB he would be someone I would go after.

they certainly did a number on the Lions