In the Stars: 2023 Division All-Stars unveiled

TORONTO — Zach Collaros and Chad Kelly are at the helms of the 2023 Canadian Football League (CFL) Division All-Star teams.

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Did they get everything right for once?
I’m not seeing much here to complain about, which isn’t the norm for these things, year-in, year-out.

How come All-Star Emmanuel Rugamba’s stats are completely unavailable?

The eastern defender that impressed me the most was Marc-Antoine Dequoy. He gets my vote for the east’s best defensive player. He was everywhere, all over the field, all of the time. Wynton McManis runner-up & another honorable mention to Beverette, flying off the corner, racking-up those sacks on perfectly-timed blitzes. That Montreal D was a pleasure to watch in the 2nd half of the season, the late adds of Lemonator & Sankey took them to another level.

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I think Adams got screwed, he was better than collaros.
I think Chung, peters and Lee got in off familiarity, not because they had great years.
I’m only speaking on lions players as I don’t know enough about individuals on other teams.
Obviously Betts, Hatcher, rugumba, Whyte and hollins had big years and deserved their recognition. I didn’t notice baron a lot, but he may have racked up some early sacks/tackles
I did not expect to see any lions on the oline, the oline started great, but after the 5 and 0 start they rapidly declined

I’ll just drop this here…

1 2023 COLLAROS, Zach WPG 18 292 423 69.0 4,263 33 15 112.8 3.5 10.1
2 2023 ADAMS, Vernon BC 18 333 488 68.2 4,769 31 18 105.5 3.7 9.8

They got it right.
You can’t be The Man, til you beat The Man & Zach took two of three.


Absolutely. Zach’s gritty comeback performance in the first place game a few weeks ago sealed it. Adams was MIA in the second half when it counted.

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I have to agree that the choices are pretty good overall. You can always quibble here and there.

The only glaring omission is Deatrick Nichols, who I consider to be the best DB in the league. The problem with recognition he has is that very few balls are thrown his way. Usually only one per game. Often zero. I counted 3 one game, none completed. You can’t get many IT’s or even that many tackles if the man you are covering is never thrown to. More important than any stat is that the other team decides not to throw in your direction because you are too good.

In the West the Bombers have 3 members of the secondary named to the team. The Lions have two and I have no problem with Peters or Lee. Alexander is also clearly the best safety in the West. Nichols should have been named ahead of Houston or Holm in my opinion. Both of them gave up a lot of big plays, especially Houston.

1 out of 2. The blowout was with Dane Evens and Dom Davis at the helm for BC.

You can’t take 2 of 3 if you only play 2. Adams took Zach 30-6. Bombers’ only points came from ST’s. The 2nd game went to OVT. Adams put them in position to win. All Rhymes had to do was run out of bounds. Adams did his job. They played to a draw before then. So on total points Adams wins hands down. The one beatdown was against #2, Evans, & he wasn’t in long before injury & Dom Davis took over.

If you want to compare them head to head as the deciding factor (as mentioned here before), you don’t count contests when one of them isn’t playing. The point is moot in any case - the votes are in. The rest is just white noise. :rofl:

The Bombers kicked 2 field goals not 3 safety touches.

I watched every Bomber game. In which games did Holm give up a big play.

I can’t tell you all of them off of the top of my head but I saw several throughout the year. The most visible one was of course Rhymes making the catch on the last play of regulation in Game 3 against BC. I do not recall Nichols even giving up one big play.

Yes that is true… Holm tipped the ball in the air and Rhymes caught it but was not beat, nice play by Rhymes.