In the real world...

This how things work. To get something, you have to give up something. You can't trade a third stringer for two impact starters.

People wanted changes. People begged for OB to do something. He is now. And because we didnt trade Manning and Smith for Canada, Stegall and Walls...people dont like it.

You don't trade your defensive captain and best defensive player for a headcase that's only asset is that he can rush the QB.

Brutal trade and nobody is going to convince me differently. This season is done and my days as a paying fan are numbered.

AMG clearly you're very disappointed, but at the VERY least give it a chance first.

The Cats Rush ends this year have been so bad that opposing QBs have pretty well had their way with the Cats....unless you rush the QBs in this league, no matter who u have at LB or DB, you are going to get burned.

NML is no Canada. This is a step up, headcase or not

With all the one sided trades that Marcel Desjardin pulled while (sniff) acting as the Ticat GM, maybe Obie should have tried making a trade with him now that he's with the Als.

Maybe the Cats get Anwar Stewart for Pigskin Pete. The Als can then re-name him Peau de cochon Pierre!!!

We’ve had 4 years of chances!!!

What more evidence do you need that this team is a total train wreck from the top to the bottom!!!

Thanks for the memories,Bob…Sell the team!!!

No thanks.

I can't stand Canada and Moreno was my favourite player. So from a personal standpoint, I hate this trade.

Then I look at it from our football team's standpoint and I hate it even more.

A leader, a stud MLB and quite possibly our best defensive player for a guy who can sometimes get some pressure on the QB and is a complete headcase the rest of the time.

Totally lopsided and I have no interest in waiting this one out. My last game this season was last Saturday and I won't be renewing next season. This has put me over the top.

Moreno sucks get over it folks. The captain of the leagues worst defence, he's gone, deal with it.

All this outrage over nothing.

I don't know that it's because it's Moreno Drexl, I think it's more it's who is COMING, and the fact that he doesn't want to be here

Agreed....but I still don't think you trade your number 1 asset on defence for Tom Canada. You are "possibly" fixing one problem and creating another one at LB.

Who is going to play at LB for us now?

Mariuz is barely an adequate starter, Knowlton is alright but certainly isn't a star.....who play's MLB for us now? What a nightmare.

I'd rather look down south for a guy that can rush the QB than a guy who'll have to come in and be the leader of our defence....but hey, that's just me.

You are 100% right.

I don't think this improves our team at all, especially since the headcase is beaking off already about not wanting to play in Hamilton.

Newsflash bum, Winnipeg sucks this year too.

I still don't understand why you guys didn't go after Kai Ellis the second he became available, instead of trading one of your best defensive players for a screwball player having a subpar year.

That's too logical for this disaster of an organization.

Because this team has been run in a bush league way for the past 4 years...Nothing changes until things up top change!!

More importantly....

Who's going to yell THIS.... IS.... MY.....


on the pre-introduction video?

Headcase, Angela Mosca was a headcase as well, and he did ok

Unless Desjardins is the GM looking to acquire that third stringer? :slight_smile:

im quite sad to see moreno go if this trade does go through. but i personaly like canada as well. he does bring pressure and withmore pressure on the QB maybe we will see some of the guys get pressure

Didn't changes from the top just happen this past off season? Mitchell and Obie?

Moreno isn't our best defensive player.

Not even close.

Wait and see how this trade pans out.