in the next 2 days?

i think i missed something, can anyone help? did anyone see ch sports either last night or today?
apparently ken welch said the gm search is in the red zone and something should be done in the next 2 days.
can anyone verify this and expand on what was said?
does anyone else think that the longer it goes, the more it favours mike? i think it's down to obie and mike, i think mohns is out of the question.
mike would be a great choice and he's only 50 something as opposed to bob who is 67. i'm not so sure that mike would have his own choice for HC though.

thanks if anyone can help, city legend

gm search is [b]in the red zone [/b]
[b]Oh no.... 'WARNING- Danger Will Robinson!'[/b]

We haven't done well in the Red Zone all year.

In fact.... we always ended up calling in Setta. Hmmmm..... Nick for GM......

hell, if he can put a winning team together than i'm all for it.



yea jason definately needs to be "fired" he is horrible!