In the CFL the QB is the key

In this three down league your QB is your most important player. Take a look at all the most successful teams and you'll see that the QB is the leader. In the Calgary vs Montreal game last week, the Als were putting all kinds of pressure on Burris but he was finding a way to get the ball to his receivers. He took control of that game. You could see his leadership with that offence.
I really don't feel that we are far behind any team with regards to overall talent but certainly our QB position is suspect. Physically, last night, we were dominating on both sides of the ball but we could not throw the ball down field when we needed to.
The QB has to protect the ball and control the game consistantly. We had a great running game going and it probably would have been better if we had a effective passing game to go with it.
I didn't come on here to knock Maas....but for whatever reason, injury, lack of confidence, or whatever else, he's just not getting it done.
With just that one key change this team becomes 100% better overnight. :cowboy:

Our receivers are also garbage, Vaughn is too old, Mike is too old, Peterson and Ralph are useless. Flick is the only guy we have that is proven.

But I still think Maas should retire, he can't perform at the pro level with his injuries, his arm strength is even worse than Kahari Jones'.


Really I think that a lot of the receivers have gotten frustrated and lost confidence in Maas. The ball is either coming too late, it's off the mark or he's not finding the open man. Maas is clearly panicking out there even when there is no pressure. Maas cannot live on his past performance in Edmonton, that doesn't cut it, here and now. He's a real competitor.....but he's not getting it done, and his team mates know it. :cowboy:

Get rid of all the QBs. Let's run the ball on every play. :o

Put 3 running backs in the backfield, :smiley:
and snap the ball directly to them.:thup:

Start with Ranek, Holmes and Radlein :rockin:

and rotate Anthony Davis into the mix, too. :smiley:

Proven? How is he proven?