In the black and then some

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WINNIPEG -- On Wednesday the Winnipeg Football Club released its 2014 Annual Report and announced an overall operating profit of $3.9 Million – an increase of $1 Million from 2013.
In December 2014, the Club made its first scheduled payment of $4.5 Million to Triple B Stadium Inc., as a first payment on Investors Group Field.
The Club was able to increase its operating reserve during the year by $500,000 to arrive at a balance of $1.6 Million at December 31, 2014.
I believe the naysayers said it couldn't be done, eat crow.

We haven't seen the naysaers in ages, have we? Sanjay and . . .what was the name of his buddy, I cannot recall

lol, housedog? or doghouse or some such.

Without knowing, I suspect some creative accounting was involved to decrease the amount of profit the BB advertised.
You know what they say about numbers, depends on who is playing the music.

Yes, a substantial portion is 'deferred' to next year as it technically isn't earned until then.