In the absence of the VGC, a Pick 'Em group for the Forums

Hey all - someone e-mailed me asking about the VGC not appearing this year, and as some of us know Big Dave opted out of doing the work this year (many thanks to him for his consistent efforts to date).

I did set up a group in the CFL Pick 'Em site for anyone who'd like to join and make weekly picks via it; here's the invite link:

[url=] ... 01f5801bda[/url]

Feel free to use this topic to post your picks in as well, and engage in a little smack talk. Thanks all. :slight_smile:

I'm in!
Thanks Sully. :rockin:

Another thanks to Big Dave for the work he put in. :thup:

....for years and years...Thanks BD!!

:thup: :thup: Thanks again BD.

I've never participated in this, going to give it a try this year. Thanks!

.....Missing the VGCC already Big Dave...It was such a fixture on this site for a long time......but life goes on and will give the new group pick a shot..

Too bad the VGCC is gone, but it must have taken a lot of time every week. Thanks for all the effort in the past Big Dave and enjoy a little more relaxed season this year.

I have considered joining this, but nobody outside Canada is eligible. I liked the VGCC because anybody could play, since it was only for bragging rights anyway, and it was just more fun that way anyway. Playing for prizes I can't win just seems wrong because it just reduces the chances of those who can win.

Good luck to all this year!