In stadium replay


Tired of not seeing in the stadium the replay I can see at home on TV. Really makes me want to give up my season tickets and watch at home on 4K.

Please don’t give up yer season tickets , without you there the stadium would look empty . ::slight_smile:

How many stadiums have in stadium replays that are the same as the broadcast?

BMO’s board has come a long ways since the Argos moved in. There were virtually no replays at all at first.

Better yet, if they improve the wi-fi stream the TSN broadcast while at the game. It’s like picture in picture for the same event!

Maybe 4 or 5 seasons back, about half way through the season, the CFL echoed this. They stated it was unfair that people at the stadium didn’t get the same replay that those at home did. The rest of the season, those same replays were up…every time. Stopped the next year.

I’ve always assumed they decided to advertisement money outweighed it. Reality…split the screen. 80% replay with a solid advert banner. That way almost everyone is looking and they can squeeze the promotion for more cash

In some sports there have previously been concerns expressed about running replays of controversial calls to avoid whipping up the home crowd if their team was the “victim” of the call under review … but otherwise I see no reason not to spruce up the in-person experience.

you get that replay or not though. I have seen many times where a big chunk of the home town fans saw a replay…generally after the official verdict…and pretty much when ‘oh…ok.’ Conversely, leaving them stewing over something for a couple hours with the modern technology seems a bit silly. I think most fans want the replays played in stadium…they are fighting a battle to get buts in seats…every little thing counts.

Apologies for me impression … I was generally referring to limiting replays while the review was ongoing although there are also concerns if the call is negative for the home team and NO review is involved.

So was I.

I was simply saying that often you see fans see a replay and even with hometown bias they go…okay, yeah, that was PI…or whatever. And yeah, others they absolutely erupt.

The league had that half season where those were shown. Fans seem to want it. There is a battle getting people off the couch and watching on TV and into the stadium…it is but one small thing that inches the gameday experience and promotes being there. This seems like a pretty simple thing to appease fans.,…even on a small level

Do you honestly think that a stadium screaming out during a replay is going to change an official’s mind? I can’t see it.

I seriously doubt it would change a refs mind … but when a bunch of inebriated people get riled up bad things can happen … and I don’t think you can pick and choose which replays are shown …

The in-stadium replay makes the “command centre” redundant. When fifteen thousand people are watching the same thing as Jake Ireland, it kind of makes Jake unnecessary.

Sometimes even the replays are inconclusive, and cost a lot of time. When you have a stadium full of people doing the officials’ job, the refs are diminished in importance.

If this is unclear, sports need to allow more room for error, and keep things moving. By and large, the officials are going to get it right and wrong the same whether a play is reconsidered or not.

I like the in-stadium replays, but there is doubtless an effect on the officials at field level, perhaps on another play later in the game.

Someone might conduct a study of the PI calls at Regina down the years, and see if there is a marked imbalance. The theory is the home crowd influences the calls.

Jake Ireland was a laugh.

LOL . As opposed to one inebriated Jake Ireland sitting in the Command Centre sipping on his double Scotch and sodas ? Yup , bad things can (and usually do ) happen and yer right I highly doubt that it would change Jake’s mind . He’ll more than likely screw up the replay call anyways BUT not to worry…The league will come out two days later with a statement about the CC royally Effing up once AGAIN and an oh well …ooops sorry bout that !!! ??? >:(

That’s really unfair and an incredibly low thing to say. I’d even go so far as to say it’s libel unless you know for a fact and can prove that he drinks on the job.

When at Jays games and a call is under review back in New York they show replays in the stadium while the review is happening. Doesn’t seem to be an issue there.

I don’t think you can pick and choose either…so just show it. I have always felt that what should be shown on TC (and game) is exactly what the officials are viewing.

I don’t care if half the stadium is loaded. That should be a non-factor. So they get loud when they see something. Big deal.

I agree with this. It should be shown no matter what.