In spite of todays game

are the ALS REALLY that good??

1 - lions shouldnt have been there in the first place, what with injuries, lousy play calling and such.
2 - 4 of ALS wins were against the argos.
3 - everyone plays every twice. in extra games, als oponants had a combined 22 wins while riders oponants had a combined 36 wins.


:lol: You showed up!

Who are you taking als or riders…

I am cheering for the riders, so the als will probably win sigh.

ACtually, I see no underdog in this game. Could go either way easily. Depends on who is hot. Guess Als players have advantage in Grey cup playing and winning history.

The fact is, the 4th place team in the West is the 2nd best team in the East; that's not Montreal's fault.
If Montreal had to play an interlocking schedule (as opposed to facing the Suicide Bombers 4 times this year), they probably would have finished first place overall with 12 or 13 wins, I would guess.

We'll see how good the Als are next week. I expect them to win; if they don't, Trestman and the whole bunch might as well move to Buffalo--they like bridesmaids there :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal went 9-1 against the East and 6-2 against the West. Yes, they're THAT good. They swept both the Stamps and the Riders.

Yeah. Even tho its true, it doesn't make the loss suck less.

Also the Als should have swept BC. Edmonton was the only game they played this year that got out of hand. Very impressive.


56 - 18 looks quite good to me :wink:

To answer your question...YES...the Als are THAT good !!

Now go back to your crow eating !! :lol:

now, what crow would that be exactly???

LOL at this thread.

6-2 against the West and they only beat BC by 38 points. I dunno, they sure look pretty good.

It will come down to mistakes. I think they are close enough in talent that whichever team makes more will lose. If the game is basically played mistake free, it will go down to the wire. The scary thing, being a Rider fan, is that I don't recall this Montreal team making very many mistakes, ever.

I've been chuckling at a number of my friends who have been steadfastly holding to the belief the Als struggled down the stretch. "They lost to winnipeg" they say. "They play in the weak East", they say.
As you point out, the Als dominated their Western opponents this year. And they were 8-2 early and 7-1 down the stretch, with their only loss coming with Adrian McPherson starting and a number of starters sitting on the bench. That team has been as dominant as any team in the league in the last twenty years. They ARE that good.
Doesn't guarantee them anything. But that's a very strong team.