In search of a good RUSH END

Ever since Hickman left to the NFL . we have been without a good pass rusher at DE.

Anyone have any ideas ? players cut recently ?

We need one ASAP to have a change this year . i want to see Ray and Calvillo on their butt this tear . i want to event see some passes where they were rushed into throwing or throwing the ball away or forced to run . None of this happened on friday night . Peach and Boudreau were here last year and they are not the answer sorry .
It seems they have made decent personnel decisions in most other spots except here .

hmm ? I Hope they don't think this defence just needs to gel and learn the system as these two guys just don't bring it ..didn't last year and not this year . I hear they already have a guy coming to camp. I'd say give Shomari a crack and play an extra import elsewhere while we are searching for a pass rush . Maybe Marshall canm provide some rush or we can soon go with a 3-4 defence when Bowman and Plesius are ready to play and the line backers can provide pass rush ?

i truly think with a pass rush we would have won this game by 2 touchdowns

Sure they need a rush end but they lost because Gable couldn't catch the ball.

An Argo-Cat fan

Gerbear I totally agree with you we need a Rush End Big Time!! I remember watching Hickman or McIntyre both now in the NFL and not since that time has this team had any pressure on the QB. Even at the last home Game against Winnipeg last year when Joe Montford was at the game, he said he wanted to get suited up and play he was so hyped and bet he could and at least come away with two or three sacks the guy is still built like brick house??