In praise of Herb

Please tell me I'm wrong. I, an out-of-towner, checked out the Gazette on-line and saw the Impact making page one...because some a**hole can't control his temper. Was it true? Am I right in assuming a losing soccer team gets better coverage than the Als in the Gazette because they play against U.S.-based competition? Was he really on Page One?
If so, all I can say is: Thank God for Herb. He seems to be the lone voice for the Als in the Montreal English media. If he's p*ssed off the Als management, it's because he cares for the team and the game and writes from the gut. Good for him!
Perhaps, at this point in time, even ro "I hate all media" 1313 might acknowledge his contribution.
What do the Als need to do to get some respect?

Sorry, no!

IMO No coverage would be better than his coverage.

I didn't know you hated all media.

Come on out to the lake, we can relax on the boat, drop a fishing line, sip some cold beers and watch the ducks swim by.

That might make you relax and understand the media better! :wink: :wink:

Herb covers the Als because that's his job. Not because he's some sort of saint who wants to do what's right. I have nothing against Herb, but he's a mediocre sports journalist who doesn't really understand the complexities of football. As a result, the only stories he generally writes are game recaps, game predictions, and human interest.

There is a huge market for football in Quebec, and zero reason why the Gazette can't promote the Als in their Sports section. If they hired a second reporter with some knowledge of the game to get into the position matchups and explain technical details to the reader, they could really grow their readership.

The reality of the print daily's in today's internet instant news and economy is that the Als are LUCKY that the Gazette is willing to pay someone to cover them. I know it sucks but that's the way it is. Someone at Corus told me recently hits for anything Canadien outnumbers Alouettes 300 to 1 !

I’m not sure I buy that. You’re using a statistical reality to justify never trying to change that reality. At one point in the mid-90s, the Canadiens were in serious decline, attendance was down, and Gillett bought the team because no local ownership could be found! And look at them now.

I understand that the Als will always be a distant second to the Canadiens in terms of Gazette coverage. But there’s no reason why they can’t improve their profile. One way would be for Popp and Herb to end their silly feud. Another would be for Herb to do more than just profiles and game recaps. Football’s strength is that it’s a phenomenally intricate game that lends itself to detailed, meticulous analysis. Whereas hockey, like soccer, is a free-flowing game of creating chances via the mistakes of the other team. Certain NFL shows try to break down elements of the game to their viewership because they understand that the more you know about the game, the more you care about it. I really wish the Gazette made more of an attempt on this front.

Also, how on earth are the Impact more worthy of coverage than the Alouettes? Who gives a flying crap about soccer in North America, seriously, outside of soccer moms?


He covers the Als because thats the assignment the Gazette gave him.

I would love to, but it still wont change my opinion of the media.....all media.

You did see the post I made in the offtopic section about a year ago?

from 1999 to 2003 IMO those were the best years in term of media support for the Als. When Smith went to the Gazette and Prince arrived. I noticed a declined, there was another hit when Matthews declared war on the French media and another hit when Popp took over as coach.

BTW I am not saying it should be this way. I also agree that the feud should end but Popp is like a woman scorned :lol:

Yes it is an intricate game but until Popp and the Coaching staff start to talk directly with the public and educate them and exchange with them like they do in ever other CFL city that won't change.

In fact I think the Als are seen as an entertainment product more than a Sports product. That served the team well but maybe it is time to sell the steak...

Smith should really tell Popp to kiss and make up with Herb. As mediocre a journalist as Herb is, he's the only thing English-speaking Als fans have got to cover our team. There is so much opportunity to talk about the intricacies of the game, yet all we get are the same profile pieces and game recaps week in and week out. The more educated the crowd, the better the environment at Molson Stadium.

The Als by rights should have a much wider profile in Quebec than they do. It's a first-class organization from top to bottom that has been a consistent winner since the day it came back into the league.

Larry Smith should have had Herb and Popp talking by now, but to have have Herb write story after story without mentioning Popps name is ludicrous. This is the architect of a championship team. Can you imagine Pat Hickey reporting on the Canadiens without mentioning Bob Gaineys name?
But you know what, I dont know if that would change Herb all that much. He angles to put a negative slant on most things Alouette. All I ask is that the Als get the same objective and thorough reporting we get from Hickey and Dave Stubbs on the Canadiens. By far the best football reporter in the city is Miguel Bujold at La Presse, but even he is usually only allocated space the day of a game and the day after. If you want to see the hardest working man in showbiz, take a look at Drew Edwards blog in the Hamilton Spectator. And the guys a rookie! As far as stories on strategy, I can remember back in the 60s Tex Coulter doing a weekly diagram of a successful Alouette play. There were not too many in those days!
And how about a weekly radio show with Mark Trestman or even Jim Popp?

Oh man there sure weren't......................

Mind you the plays as diagrammed weren't so bad............but when you have QBs like George Bork, Vernon Cole, and Bubba Marriott trying to execute them..............

As someone from out of town, I rely on the Gazette for news on my team I enjoy Herb's columns and his blogs. I suggest all the various participants kiss and make up. Fellows you all are supposed to be pros- show it!!!!