in need of some help.

hey, i recently was told by my coach that i should look into getting a prescription visor... i have a stigmatism so i cant wear contacts... but i dont know where to find a visor. Can anyone help me with my dilemma?

.....never seen a prescription visor.....but what about sports goggles that have lenses in them?.....BBall players sometimes have them.....

I was thinking the same thing, I never heard of a prescription visor in Football, or any sport for that matter.

hm, sounds like somebody could make a lot of money off that idea.

Huskies, get that pattern!

Great idea , I used to whare them for B Ball.You still can see great , but they hurt if they get hit. But that happens very little. :thup:

thanks, do you know what spending range i would be in to get the goggles... i was mainly looking for the visor because it doesnt look as goofy, but looks arent what matters on the field..


I'd check on-line for the e-mail of the equipment manager for your closest university. The equipment manager will be able to give you the retailer and price of the visor you need.