In my opinion,here's who has to go..

After watching the game, albeit exciting, but still very no particular's who has to go!
1.Shaw..can someone tell him its tackle football not touch or flag..I've said it before..worst safety in the far! :thdn: paopao...who the hell calls a 2 yard pass when we need 15 to kick a field goal at the end..secondly,why the hell did he call a shovel pass at the 5!..come on now! :thdn: reed..with the talent we have on defence(except for shaw)..awful defence schemes..simply awful! :thdn:
4.pat fleming..brutal!.. :thdn:

lol wonder how long this thread will last before its locked.

I agree big time with points 2 and 4. That call on the 5 yd line was awful, and the ensuing FG was worse. Self defeating sequence.

Oh here we go...

"I'm not renewing my seasons tickets"

"I demand a refund"

"Fire everyone"

"Trade everyone"

"Start Marcus"

"We need a new stadium"

"The beer's too expensive"

"There aren't any porta-johns in the parking lot"

"I didn't get a free gift"

"Somebody stepped on my toe"

"Parking's brutal"

Tell somebody who cares.

yeast, randall, shaw, radlein, paopao, ol coach, reed, fleming. unfortunately, most of these changes cannot be made until after the season is over.

Why does somebody always have to go? The defence played well. How can you call for Reed's head when the defence had two interceptions returned for touchdowns? There were mistakes on both sides. In the end we lost a close game to the best team in the league. I know moral victories don't count for anything, but it's not the end of the world either.

Hey you a problem with people expressing their opinions?..this is a forum where we can express how we feel..start your own topic if you don't like this one!!

I don't like whinners.

I'm just expressing my opinion.

Go feel yourself.

poindexter.."the defence played well"..they did do that..but 41 points was because of Reed inept play calls.

People's opinions are getting too predictable. For crying out loud, ONE person called for Eakin to win us the game before it even started! I decree a 12-hour-minimum on posting after a loss...

  1. No pressure on Caville.
    Still...hard to criticize the defence. Scored some big points and made some big stops. Mental lapses, mistakes and bad luck happen to every team. I missed the Calgary game, but the improvement on this team since the last Montreal game is huge. Played a more disciplined game than Montreal, receivers worked hard to get open and made clutch catches, and I thought Pao Pao called a good game. If only Ben Cahoon wore black and gold.

so catfan13: you want to change the OC and the DC 5 games into the season. basically learn a whole new offense and defence in 1 week. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!. And if you did change it now who would you go get.

I have to second the point on the more disciplined game. We still had our share of penalties, but not as many of the type that makes me want to rip my hair out.

48 hours works better.

My guess is that last 2 yard pass was because no one could get open downfield so Maas went for what he could get hoping the guy could run to get into Myers' range. I think the Als had 6 DBs playing way back on the last TiCat plays.

I could detect a real gameplan tonight which is an improvement but some of the called plays made little sense to me. It's like Paopao suffers from brain cramps 2-3 times a game.

Holmes should be relied upon a whole lot more both passing and running.

The punter should be replaced. The Cats give up at least a 1st down on every exchange that he kicks.

The receivers finally stepped it up and played like they cared. Some good 2nd and 3rd efforts which has been absent.

Maas was better but still isn't where he needs to be. His game just doesn't have any rhythm to it--just a bunch of plays strung together. Guys like Calvillo, Dickenson, Allen are masters at it.

Myers seems to be set as the team's kicker for the next few years. What a find at this time of year!

I hate to say it but the Als look to be the league's best team thus far this season. Strong at every position from the coach down. If they stay healthy, they'll be there in Nov.

Still, this game was winable from a TiCat standpoint but the odd pass that was overthrown, the odd dropped ball, the occasional odd play called.... added up to 1-5. They're getting closer though and the personnel has improved significantly.

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