In Minny today - Baby its cold outside!

Boy - I'm sure the players and fans wished Minny's new domed US Bank Stadium was ready. Either that or wishing they were still playing in the old Metrodome.

Game time at their University of Minnesota temporary home - temperatures -5F (about -20C) with wind chills of -21F or about -30C. Gonna be a cold one.

Can Seattle perform in the cold? Can the Vikings? We're about to find out.

Their new stadium looks cool from the outside construction shots.

I like that some games in the NFL are played in these conditions, same for the CFL. Just wouldn't be right the way I have viewed gridiron football if all the games were played in perfect conditions, indoor or outdoor.

OMG! Who do you blame - the Vikings kicker or the holder for screwing up the lace position on a 27 yard chip shot that would have won the game. Incredible!

Seahawks live - much to the chagrin of every other team still alive for the Super Bowl.

Seahawks involved in yet another unbelievable post season finish! Winners three times - today with the missed chip shot field goal, the Tony Romo fumbled snap years ago, the incredible finish against Green Bay last year and then of course losers on that incredible finish to the Super Bowl last year.

You want a whacky finish - watch a Seahawks post season game and you've got a good chance of seeing one.

Well Bridgewater should learn from Wilson about using his legs once in a while but that missed FG, yup, brutal, brutal brutal but the Vikes couldn't garner a td and the Seahawks did although the Seahawks got lucky of course. An old school game for sure as Collingsworth described this one, low scoring and in the frigid cold. Peterson, hold onto the ball, geez.

I would say 50 50 fault of both kicker and holder. Not sure that kick would have been good anyhow, but the laces sure make a difference.

Yes!!! It was ugly but a wins a win. Looking forward to a good game next weekend against Carolina. I think Seattle wins.

I feel Carolina wins.

We shall see. I just can't see Seattle losing twice to Carolina in a year. Carolina is a good team no doubt about it.