In Memory of my Favorite player

Josh Ranek is by far my favorite player. Im sad they released him but im hoping that somebody picks him up someday. He was just an explosive little guy that agve it his all and it showed. Tough on the injuries and bad blocking.
Gonna miss You Josh

I am shure Josh Will land Somewhere

Problem was we have a Glut at Running back.
JL is Canadian so he has to stay .
CH Can Return Kicks and Play WR/SB/RB
AD Is young and Can be Developed

Josh is American and His Contract was not cheep. Plus He got Injured too much this year.
To CFL Teams this is a Liability

so if Josh dose stick in CFL it will have to be for back up money somewhere.

Other Wise he be Play Area Ball for a Year or two. will Ottawa Come back to the CFL.

spell check anyone?? :slight_smile: JK