In Masoli We Trust! Rally Time.

In trying to be positive....I love Masoli, lets hope he as a big game tonight!!
And a big team rally around not having Speedy B!

Your wishcame true. And I for one, are with you (is with you?) I have faith in Jeremiah. Now lets see Toronto hammer those self serving Calgary egotists.

Well, Masoli completed 25/37 passes for 345 yards. He did not have as a good completion percentage as Burris, although he did throw the same number of TD passes and INTs as Hank. Masoli did make some mistakes, but was as good as he had to be, and I'll take it.

Calgary is now up 24-13 in the 3rd quarter. I can't see Toronto winning this one. Ray sounded dejected during the halftime interview and that Toronto team must know that their remaining games, including this one, are meaningless as they won't make the playoffs.

Palmer - That would be "I for one am with you"

BYF - Not the first time that the Ticats have knocked the boatmen out of the playoffs or put them out during the playoffs!

Boatmen hanging in pretty well with the horses - but then having Ray tossing the football probably helps. However he did just throw a pick. Not going to matter and I highly doubt that the horses are going to lose.

Last year, it was a kick from Medlock at the end of a game that ended Toronto's season. This year, a field goal kicked by Maher on the last play of a game ended it.

Well, Calgary's undefeated (and winning) streak continued tonight. No surprise there.

Masoli played well. His record this season is just as good as Collaros 's. I'll be happy with either one leading the team into the playoffs. We'll be underdogs either way. Masoli seems to thrive when our backs are to the wall.

Due to “travel” I missed this game.
And I was not surprised that our Cats won this big game.
A great chance to finish 1st in the East.
Masoli seems to never get rattled.
Like others have posted above…
I would be fine with ether Zach or J/M starting for the balance of games to be played.
3 Cheers for our guys :thup: :thup: :thup:

Just a couple of things with Masoli and our OC/HC/VPofFO/ASST GM

Short Yardage - Could we please leave Masoli in for short yardage plays,
I just don't think Matthews is very good at it, I have no faith in Matthews getting it done!

Risky decisions - this is both on Masoli and suspect play calling, Why throw the ball with no time left on the clock, deep inside your own territory???? Like what could possibly happen????

Also - Masoli must realize that if you are pressured and have to jump off of your back foot while running for your life and lay a up a duck to a scrambling covered receiver , it is best to throw it out of bounds.

Gambling play calling - late in the game when you are marching down field and facing 2nd and 3, please go with a higher percentage play than a 35 yard pass to a covered receiver in the endzone.

And of note - Maher, Missing the PAT and then on the ensuing KO, kicking the ball OB, giving the ball back to the RB's with 1 minute left in the half is not good, If I recall the same thing happened earlier this season.

Sorry to be complaining, The win was monumental and I loved it, But we are now at a time when mistakes and poor decisions must be eliminated!
A 4 game winning streak would be nice!

Yes , but a 5 game winning streak would be nicer ! :smiley: :rockin:

When we Host the East Final we will only need 4! :smiley: :rockin:

Right now we have a one game winning "streak" We win our last two regular season games that puts us at 3 and probably hosting the Eastern Final. The Eastern Final would be 4 wins and then the Grey Cup would be the 5th.

Masoli is a good QB and getting better with each time he plays, the more reps he gets as a starter the better he will be in the next game.

Great win and team victory against Ottawa, every Cat player added to that win and gave the Redblacks a loss at home.

Lets keep the wheels in motion, complete the season with wins.


A HA! Another senior moment, funny how when you get older that these moments come more frequently! :lol:

I stand, sit and lean corrected!

Thanks for explaining.
4 isn't gonna do it, drive for 5 ! :rockin:

Did you see how I changed your words around there bobo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Masoli is likely the best back up QB in the league ...better hang onto him or he'll be playing against use some time as a starter...& he can run!!!

I'm sure both Travis Lulay and Drew Tate would have issues with that comment...


Even if Zack starts on Friday I would love to see JM in for a couple of sequences per quarter with plays designed for his strengths, running and rolling I hope he doesn't have to use his other strength, TACKLING, again.

Yes Guy! :thup: At least a couple.

It is only my opinion about Mazoli...and I believe that yes, Tate & Lulay are good, but I see that they are on somewhat of a decline instead of a climb in the league....I saw that Adams jr. for the Als looked interesting...reminds me a little of Doug Flutie...big game on Friday.

Masoli :stuck_out_tongue: