In Limbo

The off-season has started and there are a number of things happening around the CFL in terms of player signings etc etc. Seems as though every team is positioning themselves with coaching and player transactions that we hear about on this web site and other media sources. But the TiCat organization seems to be very quiet? The TiCats need to get started for next year and get started soon!


Don't forget the signings of Corey Holmes and Jesse Lumsden, and the release of Josh Ranek, and all assisatnt coaches. Big changes have already happened.

They've started.

And you can bet things are happening behind closed doors right now and announcements will be made when it's deemed appropriate.

We heard lots of announcments last year regarding players and coaches see were it got us?

Teams are re-signing their players because that is their advantage in the pre-FA window. When the free agent window opens come February, that is when the Cats will be able to poach...

As for now, the key is to check out the college scene in the NCAA and cultivate contacts. Recruitment through scouting is crucial...but the bowl season hasn't even started yet, so fans have to be patient in that regard as well.

The head coach hire is the pivot upon which the entire off-season will rotate. Until that gets done, there is a little too much wishful speculation going on for my taste... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,