In Kelowna - Will the Game be on TV?

Hi guys. I am in Kelowna this week. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to make it as far as Vancouver/BC Place this Friday. I am not familiar with the blackout rules as they apply in BC. Is the game likely to be blacked out and, if so, what is the range of the black-out? Is it just the Lower Mainland when it is blacked out or would it include the Okanogan?

Conversely, if it will not be blacked out in Kelowna, anyone know of a good sports bar in Kelowna at which to watch the game ??

Thanks in advance guys. Don't mean to intrude into the Lion's den but I figure you guys would know ...

its on TSN. its only blacked out in the vancouver area and lower mainland i think.

I would call Shaw or Rogers or whoever carries your cable. They should be able to tell you. My understanding is the blackout is about a 60-100 mile radius but I could be wrong.

The game will be on in kelowna at 7 30 on channel 3

kelowna gets all the bc games

Yes its on here Mickeys would probably be the best they have big screens, although when the nfl or UFCis on it takes president over the CFL.............. welcome to Kelowna. Mickeys is in the Ramada across from Orchard Park mall.

Thanks to all. Arrangements made and I should be good to go ... ready to razz (or be razzed!!). Good luck to your team ... but not too much of it!! :smiley: :rockin:

Yep I echo legal, good luck guys. I was actually trolling around to see if there was any chatter on the return of Clermont here, any thoughts from the Lions Den?

Anyway, have good one you guys!