In-house cfl media

I guess the Bombers had the right idea a few years back when they lured former Winnipeg Free Press beat writer Ed Tait into their tent - as director of media & information.
Essentially, what Tait is doing is generating a wealth of articles about Bombers - signings, players, off-field activities, game hi-lites, much more.

Vegas Golden Knights lured Gooner Gary Lawless to their fold a few yrs back - and Lawless may be even more prolific than Tait.

With local media being shuttered in Canada and the USA, its even more important teams now control their own media. In another day I'd be calling it "Shilling" but now I've born witness to these team controlled media doing some critical self-examinations. Its quite unique - I think is a league-wide interior media with some excellent writers.
Wonder if any other teams have interior media controlled by the teams themselves? Anyone know.

Even schmoes like moi can generate a tremendous amount of unessential drivel on a routine basis - when the need arises. The CFL would be a quiet place if not for me and the rest of my ilk, as most of us are dedicated to the league and its founding teams. I know I am.

Same thing with curling - most small towns in Saskatcewan and some in manitoba, some in Alberta, some in Maritimes had their own radio stations doing game, a local printing press published a local paper in most small towns. Lots of curling. even the City papers like Wpg Free Press, Reginal Leader-Post, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix used to send dedicated reporters to not only the national events but to local bonspiels. Not so much anymore!



Local media has been replaced with news 1000 or 2000 miles away .

Papers closing down everywhere even the one's reduced to weekly or monthly are going away .

The community aspect of what's happening in the area must find a way to the top again .

Lot's of local advertisers to grab onto if they can get enough eye balls or ears .

It doesn't help they have reduced journalism to just opinion slanted stories about the nation or province instead of talking about what effects people locally .

Covid has hurt the news as well as being just Covid news centric 24 /7 .. Thank goodness for the snow storm to break up the news cycle of covid this covid that .

Case count and body count stats are kinda sick thing to report ad nauseam .

CBC is just negative covid stories and we're all going to die stories or the nation is filled with hate mongering .

Just covid news and polarizing politics 24/7 and they wonder why we all sit in camps not listening to each other's view points with an open mind .


I never saw any reporters covering us when we curled in the Fun League. Maybe we should've submitted our own stories. Ahem:

*It was a dark and stormy night at our local curling rink. We were in the third end and I smelled trouble. Or was that my underwear suffering under the onslaught of two burritos and a cold beer? *

*Then I saw her. She was a tall wistful dame with legs that could kill and a broom that would... um, sweep I guess. Anyway I was down in the hack midway through my slide when the game was suddenly halted for french fries. But it was too late. Fifty pounds of solid granite left my mighty hand and hurtled towards the other end with just enough speed to stop short of the hog line. *

THE END (was over).


I remember the great Ron Burgundy doing curling not too long ago .

He gave Vick Router a lesson on how to call a game.


Yeah I saw that. Ron Burgundy is a diehard curling fan. He's all right. Too bad he and John Candy never had a chance to work on something like Trains, Planes, and Curling (the heartfelt comedic story of two total strangers trying desperately to get to Moose Jaw in time for the annual Poutine Curling Spiel).



Hey wait a minute! You have such great ideas! Bring back that "tall, wistful dame," throw in Ron Burgundy and add somebody roguish kind of like Al Capone back in his days of business in Moose Jaw (as played by Jim Carrey perhaps?), and well maybe you are onto something else good for adventures in the prairies and mountains?

The beginning scene can be like in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" but instead of getting the hell out of New York they are getting the hell out of Toronto.


An 'Al Capone' comedy? You kill me Paolo_X!!! :rofl:

(if it's a hit we'll split fifty fifty. You take the credit and I'll take the money)

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It can work I tell you! There were three now older films along these lines, and well it's been too long since they made movies like these because they would have to use real actors and great screenwriters instead of some twerps with more digital imagery tricks in between binge sessions on Twitch or whatever.

Snatch (2000)

Midnight Run (1988)

Disorganized Crime (1989) - So much potential but fell short, but it had a similar plot as "Midnight Run"


'The Freshman' comedy did well with Marlon Brando kinda sorta reprising his 'God Father' role under a different character name.

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I remember that one! I was swayed and really enjoying it but then ...

Yes something along those lines works too.

That one was a big let-down though, and I hated the twist in the script some time before the big party.

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We have a lot of folks who can help here I agree. You could be Creative Director and the lead on both essential and non-essential drivel, plus @Paul_ste_marie plus also his corny jokes, some volunteers here with serious "flair," plus my occasional forays into various degrees of hot American and other air, plus ...well, the beat goes on! :cowboy_hat_face:


You could write pulp fiction novels.....”Dames, Speed, And The Hog Line.”

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“Unessential drivel” is in the eye of the beholder.
Keep up the good work.

My choice for Edmonton’s new name was “The Edmonton Ilk.”

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Just string enough cliche riddled sentences together and viola... instant pulp fiction. The real trick is making money at that sort of thing.

By the way I've moved on from the 'Hog Line'. Now I'm all the way up to 'Nearly Counting but Still Useless'.


I agree also that such progress and achievement here from you, only one of our many heavily-seasoned professionals here at the CFL Forum, should be commended.

I'll be sure to "corporatize" this clever innovation with perhaps something like "dysfunctionally strategic."

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"Dysfuctional" is my middle name. :smiley: :+1: