In Hind Sight

Looking back and hind-sight is 20/20 maybe instead of Maas we should have taken a couple recievers from the Esks say Gaylore and Tucker for the Davis trade.
Then kept our dispersal pick from Ottawa and pick Joseph instead of swapping for Gordon and Holmes;Gordon is already back in sask as will holmes next year.
We should got screwed again do we ever win out in any trades we make?

For starters, Holmes will not be in Sask next year... he signed to play in Hamilton long term.

Secondly, were the Esks willing to part with the two receivers you suggest in the Davis trade? Why stop there? Why not ask for any 5 -6 players off their roster? Our management made the best trades they thought were available for the good of the team at the time. I think they did OK.

Hate to break it to you, but Holmes is here for the long-term. He signed a deal with us, making him a 'Cat for a few more years (either 2 or 3)

The Esks didn't offer Maas to Hamilton, The Cats BEGGED to get him. They weren't interested in the receivers nor should they have been. Our receivers never were the problem. Its been a QB issue going on 4 seasons and the Cats believed incorrectly Maas was the best available option and were willing to mortgage the farm to get him. The best trade they could have made last season with the Esks was no trade at all

I like Kerry Joesph I think he is a great QB and fun to watch but I think Hamilton did the right thing, we got Holmes and Maas. Before I get smashed, there was no way to tell Maas was going to have as bad a year as he has. Holmes is a great very consistant player and I know Sask misses him dearly but their loss was our great gain.

Now we all saw what Maas did carrying the Esks in last years playoffs, there was no way to tell he would slump so bad this season.

We have a great foundation set down for next season. ( I know we did this year too ) but all and all with Hill back, as with Jesse stickin around, new additions in Clinton Wayne

I can see good things in the future.

Alot of want you all is true except Cory is fee after this 2006;Ranek is not.

I would like to see what Ritchie Williams can do he really never got to show us too much and Eakin really didn't do much at all the times that he was in.

As for next year I think they should start looking for some young fresh quarterbacks that will grow with the team. We have an awesome defence Rob Hitchcock still plays as if he was in his 20's and deserves to be back again he never gave up, Sandy Beveridge did an excellent job for safety and he is a team player and a really super nice guy. Guys who show that they want to play here and they are a part of the team than keep them, the management should be able to tell what guys they are. I hope we have Tay Cody for a long time that guy knows his stuff and that play he did intercepting that ball when B.C should of had a touchdown that definately was the play of the game for me, I think he is amazing. We have alot of good players but obviously the offence needs to work on their game because our defence has it together but I would imagine they get pretty tired of being on the field as much as they have to. And all these interceptions are nothing if offence can't get us any points.

Hope next year is alot better but I will be there no matter what because I am a Hamiltonian and Tiger Cats are my team!!!!!

TCtrue - Holmes signed for 3-years plus an option last week. Hate to break it to you, but you're dead wrong.

8) It is obvious that you don't follow the TiCats too closely at all, or read newspapers, or listen to sports shows, or believe the above posts regarding Cory Holmes having signed a new contract with Hamilton !!!!! Unbelievable !!!!

I appologise i really didn;t know Holmes signed a long term deal with us i wasn;t on our website last week;thats great news; i didn;t mean to ruffle any feathers.
I love the Ti-cats.

I would love to have seen Kerry Joseph here, he is the most exciting player in the CFL. A good passer and has the speed to run if players are covered, he also can catch the ball.

If I were the manager I would trade Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Joseph. Can you imagine the Ticat backfield next year with Ranek, Joseph and Lumsden, that would be exciting.

If Hamilton were to trade anything for Joseph, I would about feel like jumping off the skyway bridge, or drinking two litres of Regina water (not sure which kills fastest) as KJ is why Saskatchewan continues to fail.

You could have had a (young) Joe Montana at QB in Hamilton this year, but with the OC direction, the sloppy OLine, and the "I've missed the play" receivers, it wouldn't matter a lot, we'd still be in the sewer...

Give me Coach Sal on the team for next year. Retain the QB threesome (its cheapest way, nobody can ask for any bonus after this year!)

Hire a decent OC and HC, put Ronnie into the Hall of Fame and leave him there, finalise the OLine, get a safety we can agree upon.

Figure out that Corey Holmes needs to be in for each and every play, as does Jesse Lumsden, and that JRadlein is the FB...and that this makes Ranek very expendable, whether you trade the guy or simply trim the budget.

Its "nice" that Adoo went to Mac, and is a hometown kid, but no other team is exactly begging for his services, so I agree, let him take early retirement.

Take DNA samples of Rob Hitchcock to Mac and clone the guy, but don't expect 1990 performance from this aging athlete, but buy one exactly the same.

Make Mike Morreale a coach, as he's just not going to have it next year as a player, and we badly need a receiver coach.

Get over Joe Montford (please!), cut Peterson and get a really good interior DL type to come with us next year.

We are not even playing for "pride" in 2006, so sit Maas down until the fourth quarter and lets see what the other two are worth for retention value...(a "sit Maas down" strategy may well fill every seat at IWS regardless of the results!)

Okay, thats my two bits, will shut up now...