In forums Noone can hear you scream!

Just to lay off the officiating a bit since theres sooo much more wrong with this team. Some things that keep bugging me.

Zack doesn't seem as hyped up and energetic as he once was, I don't know if its really why were not doing good on offense but it's definitely noticeable. I get not being too emotional but the same pure apathy after a 2 and out as a big play isn't great.

I get hes a backup but Junior Collins is so disappointing been here for a few years and sometimes seems like he can be decent but he has absolutely zero trust in his hands, never ever fights back to the ball waits for it to come into his body he just flat misses ones that any other receiver out there would fight for. Add that he's not big or strong and that I pray for him to go down when he catches a ball for fear he'll be stripped and it just makes me miss Underwood so much.

Terrance Campbell had a bad game , it was against Odell Willis but still it was bad he knew he couldn't stop him alone every play, you could actually see him saying it in the huddle. He's gotta get better before Edmonton in the playoffs.

Vaughn seemed to be playing closer to his receivers last night than I've seen in the past, and he made some nice plays. That's the good news. But he just doesn't seem to have the strength to stop the receivers once they have the ball. He grabs on, and either gets shaken off or gets dragged a few yards.