In Defence of our O-Line

Wow. It was really hard to write that title.

But here goes...
In spite of their woeful pass blocking, and some high visibility missed run block schemes (see Woodard's inside block on the 3rd and 1 in the LDC), this O-Line has enabled our running backs to have the number 1 yds/carry in the CFL. They have generally opened up big holes for Lumsden and Caulley and our offense has only sagged when we inexplicably decided to pass.
My coaching philosophy has always been to play to your strengths and manage the weaknesses.
If I was the HC or OC of the Ticats, I'd be running the ball. ALOT! (Jesse would get more than 3 touches).
Unless the O-Line have been calling the plays, I'm not sure I'd blame them for the brutal performance.