In> DB James Rogers...OUT> Pacino Horne

Man, that didn't take long :roll:

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Import "merry-go-round" :wink:

I wonder what the deal was with Horne. Not interested in being on the PR? Not ready to play? Strange.

Since it seems unlikely Rogers can play the BC game, I hope Breaux is ready.

I agree, signed and released in between games. That's strange.

WOW!!!!! That was a quick visit......didn't last long enough fer a cup of coffee,wonder if he even saw the field ???
Maybe Horne's additude needs some adjusting,who knows.....from Grey Cup hero to cut in training camp....out of football the first 9 weeks of season....brought in here....released less than a week later.....rumoured to have sold his Cup ring on E-Bay.....more here than meets the eye if you ask me. :?

Drew is quoting Austin on his scratching post twitter feed - "He wasn't ready to commit completely, wants to explore another potential opportunity".

NFL or bust for Pacino, I guess. Most likely the latter.


Now what am I supposed to do with my Pacino Horne jersey?? Just switch out the socks for the jersey!!!! :lol:

That was quick, but apparently Pacino Horne could not commit to the team! Here's what happened to Pacino Hornes shirt :lol: ExPat!!!!! :rockin:

Well, according to Horne, he asked to be released from the Argos before the season opener to try the NFL, so I would imagine he is of similar mindset which led to a quick release from the Cats.

Which begs the question, why bother signing with Hamilton then if not interested in playing in the CFL?

[b]Horne, whose mother named him after Academy Award-winning actor Al Pacino, was late reporting to the Argos' training camp this spring and was released in June.

According to Horne, he asked for his walking papers.

"It wasn't about the play, I had a great camp. I was trying to do something with my career, trying to get back to the NFL, " said Horne, who had short stints with the Detroit Lions in 2008 and '09. "My agent was getting calls but nothing solid, so I couldn't sit around too long."[/b]

Not prepared to commit? Wants to pursue the NFL?

If he asked for his release from Toronto so he could try the NFL, and NFL camps have now ended and he didn't win a spot, what would make him think he can land one now?

He got an offer he couldn’t refuse. :cowboy:

Just when they thought he was in...he pulled himself out again! :lol:

Bummers throw more money at him ?

I don't think he was at any NFL camp so he must've been out of game shape when he signed with Hamilton. And if he wasn't ready to play, I can see why they let him go. They might even invite him to camp next Spring.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) He was released due to the fact that he wanted to be released at the end of this season, and explore other options.
   Why didn't he just tell the Cats that fact before he signed on to the practice roster ???

    If he doesn't want to commit long term to this team,  then bye bye Pacino !!

    Another head case in my estimation   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   Good riddance to him !!