In case you've been under a rock. There's tailgating in TO!

The free daily newspaper 24 that's distributed all over Toronto has the Argo tailgating story on the front page. Great publicity.

In the juvenile minds of many Torontonians, their CFL iconic team that has won the most national football championships aka with the Grey Cup iconic trophy in their hands that demands Canadians be employed isn't in the American controlled and operated "big leagues" so doesn't matter. Sad as that sounds from a Canadian city.

That's why Toronto is often labelled as a piece of crap Canadian city. Don't know who they are unless it's American "major". Don't even know how to party unless it's American "major". That's how many view the city. Limbo land city.

At what Toronto restaurant or Event can you find $3 beers?

Full information on the tailgate can be found here:

Personally I like the balance of this tailgate. It should help to cut down on the drunks that you find at games in Hamilton.

Just a point of clarification, the main tailgating parking lot is across the street at Ontario Place. Not sure how that affects unionized staff.

Tailgate Parking is $30 per game at Ontario Place and $35 per game at the Exhibition Grounds. However you can only get a 5 game pass at the Exhibition Grounds.

Ontario liquor laws.

Geez, $4 beers are practically a give away. I paid $4 for beer at Carleton U. and that was 35 years ago.

The liquor laws in Ontario have always been pretty asinine. A long time a go a friend and I were sitting in a park drinking beer (I wanted cans so it wouldn’t be so obvious, but my friend insisted on bottles), and sure enough, a cop rolled up and took our beer, gave my friend a ticket, and let me go because he didn’t actually see me take a drink. I vowed to move out of the province after that, and eventually I did.

:thup: :rockin:

Chang Mai is a gem. I visited my old college pal there a few years ago we had a great time. I don't recall anybody hassling us for drinking beer anywhere, but Thai people tend to be incredibly hospitable.

rpaege, as we know Canada is still somewhat a major "work in progress" on the historical timeline compared with most countries. :wink:

Well I suppose that's true. Canada is also a democracy in progress, unlike many other countries (including Thailand).

If you treat people like adults they tend to act like adults. If you treat people like children ,they tend to act like children. Montreal 93 and Vancouver 94,11 are prime examples.

True, I think the word democracy assumes " a continual work in progress" whereas communism assumes "all said and done, this IS the way". At any moment in time.

If Argos average 3000 cars tailgating per game @ $30 or $35 is $900,000 to $1,000,000 just in parking for the season.

Anyone know if the Argos get some of this.

There could be 10 to 15 thousand cars for Grey Cup tailgating - could be $500,000 just in parking for this 1 event. 20,000 beers sold at Grey Cup tailgating, at a party price of $6, = $120,000 that is 2 beers per car X 10,000 cars. Probably more like $300,000 in beer sales before they even get in the park. It would be pretty cool if Steam Whistle Brewery a few miles away were involved or even became a Corporate sponsor League Sponsor


all over greater Vancouver, day and night, there is constant tailgating. grrr

Lol.. there are only 250 spots.
2 beers per car... haha.. try more like 20

It's actually a Minimum of 250 spots for tailgating:

Argos Tailgate 101

Minimum of 250 parking spots in a licensed area at Ontario Place Lot #1 for every game

Hundreds of additional parking spots may become available at Ontario Place and Exhibition Place for certain games (depending on other events on site)

Beer will be sold in the licensed area for $4.00 each

Other beverages, like coolers, will also be made available

Fans are not permitted to bring their own alcohol due to provincial liquor regulations

Propane and charcoal BBQs will be permitted. Propane tanks can be no larger than 20 lbs

The designated tailgating parking lots will open at least three hours prior to kickoff

Parking spots will be sold with a $5.00 premium on normal event parking rates – $30 at Ontario Place and $35 Exhibition Place and will need to be purchased in advance as part of a season pass (at Ontario Place) or half-season pass (at Exhibition Place)

Season seat holders will have the first opportunity to purchase tailgating parking spots

A limited number of parking spots will be reserved for sale to the general public during the week leading up to the game

As additional parking spots become available for certain games, season seat holders will have the first opportunity to purchase spots

Questions? We’re here to help! Give us a call!

Small but it's a start and it will help with atmosphere around the stadium which is needed . I think people not parked in the parking lots will also be able to buy a drink and cruise around the designated area .

I remember the 2007 East final and they used the lot next to the Skydome . The area was packed and rocking . Great atmosphere that day even though the Argos played like crap .

It went down hill from there as there was less atmosphere after that game . I don't know why they didn't continue with the party atmosphere .

Nope.. you must be in a car to enter.. No poor people allowed. Gentrification of the parking lot.

For a number of the early season games parking will be at a premium because of other events so I suspect for many early games they won’t be able to extend the tailgate beyond the 250 car area.

June 23 - Thousands will be attending a Hall and Oates concert across the parking lot at the Molson Amphitheatre at the same time as the Argos game. People going there will use up many of the Ontario Place parking spots.

July 13 - Much of the CNE grounds will be taken up by the set-up for the Toronto Indy Weekend that takes place a couple of days later. Also on that same evening there are 20,000 expected across the parking lot at the Molson Amphitheatre for a Duran Duran Concert. (In other words - take transit)

August 12th - Some of the set-up for the CNE would likely have started taking a number of parking spots out of play and if trying to drive from out of town - the Jays are home at the same time so traffic trying to get into the city and near BMO on a Friday night will be a nightmare (take transit)

August 20 and August 31 - the CNE is on so practically no parking will be available beyond those 250 spots they plan on setting aside for the tailgate.

The three games in September and October there should be lots of parking available to be able to expand the tailgate area if it proves to be successful.