In case you've been under a rock. There's tailgating in TO!

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Having the mayor as a ex CFL commish seems to help :x
I really think 3 dollars for a beer would be the magic number. Like at 3 bucks, it's 18 dollars a 6 pack,so within high end liquor store prices. However, at 24 dollars a six pack(4 dollars like it now is),peop!e could very well see this as price gouging.
The whole idea is that they sell drinks at an affordable rate to make up for the archaic draconian provincial laws that prevents people from having fun. To turn around and gouge them ,and treat this like a beer garden is not going to bring people out.

Right, $3/beer. Good luck with that.

The idea is that you are talegating. People will probably just bring their own anyways. If they plan on searching vechicles then nobody will go. If they sold them at 3 bucks , people would probably respect the ridiculous laws.Only in Canada is any if this an issue. The laws really need to be abolished and we need to join the rest of the modern world.

Sorry, you don't start abolishing laws out of the blue. There needs to be a fair bit of discussion and debate before you change laws that could result in more drunk drivers which can result in more dead humans from accidents. Stating the obvious.

How about you treat people like adults and they act like adults. You treat people like children and they end up acting like children. The reason Canada has a horrible binge drinking culture with people acting like idiots because they lose a hockey game is a direct consequence of these draconian laws.
All over the world people drink openly on beaches and in parks. National institutions like Octoberfest in Germany would be illegal in Canada. Having a wine and a baguette in a Parisian park would be illegal in Canada. It's not just about tailgating,but about this country's entire attitude toward alcohol needs a complete 180. The more you restrict it, the more you cause idiotic behaviours.
When Canada adopts an adult drinking culture where people can have a drink at lunch without losing their job. Or can walk on the beach while sipping a beer. It will make us a more responsible drinking culture where we dont have zero tolerance.
I'll end this rant with a little story. I was in a tougher part of London called Camden Town. Down by the Camden locks were about 200 people. About 50 of them including myself had open liquor. There were no fights,no one yelling, or making jackasses of themselves. A few random drug deals were happening here and there, so when a cop walked through, most of the dealers split. The cop was surprisingly not a douche like 90 percent of cops in Canada. I actually spoke to the cop ( with beer in hand) about many things. When I mentioned the ridiculous liquor laws in Canada the cop was in disbelief. He laughed openly when I told him how cops actually poured people's beer out . I told him how there was a ridiculous game where people had to put beer into plastic cups, so the cops knew you feared them, even though they knew you were drinking beer.He then told me that it was also illegal to drink beer in public in England. He than stated the cops did not inforce the law unless people acted like idiots. Imagine that police using common sense and good judgement.

And what would you know about acting like an adult? :wink: (sorry couldn't resist)

I know I've been to 23 countries in my life and have been to major festivals llike the New Years water festival in Chang Mai and Carnival in Barranquilla where tens of thousands of people openly drink on the street, and I never saw one drunken brawl, or anyone smashing glass.
The only place I have ever seen this type of behavior is in Canada and Australia where drinking is heavily regulated and there are cops getting up in people's faces... I swear the more police presence you have,the stupider people get.P police presence is fine if they are there to help injured people,but when they get active and harass people, it always turns into a shit snow

I crossed the border a couple of weeks ago and bought a 30 Pack of Molson "Canadian" at Walmart for $19 US. Local beers on sale even cheaper. I don't think they have greater problems with binge drinking or drunk driving because their beer and liquor is a lot cheaper or that you can buy it anywhere like Walmart, 7Eleven corner stores etc
It's archaic and ridiculous that the Ontario government can have a monopoly and can set a province wide price for beer.

It's even worse for the sale of liquor, just reading how one of the big whiskey makers in Ontario sells their bottle for $33 and they only get $13 out of the sale, it's not just the tax but a law that is supposed to protect it's citizens from the evils of cheap booze. With higher sales the company could employ more people but they have to concentrate on exporting.

But getting back to the tailgating in TO - great news and beer at $4 that's cheaper than the bars in the area and for our US friends that's $3 US !!

I guess you look at the glass half full. I see it as you are not allowed to bring your own beer because of the stupid laws, so we are trying to work around that by setting up a vendor. Should the beer not be sold for the same price as a cold beer would be sold for at the store then? Like I said 3 dollars is stretching it, 4 is price gouging. For an extra dollar fidy , you could go to a bar, have a comfy seat and stare at barely legal teens serving you. Sitting on the back of a talegate and risking food poisoning while still blowing 20 bucks on beer, does not seem like it will last long.

Complaining about it here is a waste of time, since it's the provincial government that has to change it. There's very little the Argos can do.

$4/beer is pretty good by Canadian standards. Even for the lousy brands they're likely selling, you won't find that anywhere in NB outside of a promotion. At a restaurant, you're starting at $7 (beer taxes here are even worse than in Ontario).

There's a reason why so many people here are happy to import from Quebec, especially with the recent court ruling. If that ruling holds up on appeal, expect challenges all over the place, and that will force the provinces to look at these laws. Maybe at that point they'll also decide to come out of the dark ages.

$4.00 is not gouging. They have to move refrigerated equipment equipment and or tents etc into the parking lots to sell the beer (that costs money). They will have to have paid security and likely off duty cops that cost big bucks. They will have to pay servers, cleaners etc. Exhibition Place is a unionized work venue. So there are significant labour costs there for a couple hours of a few hundred people drinking a couple of beers.

At $4.00 a beer there will be very little profit - if any - in the end for the Argos owners.

The tailgating in a sense is like a loss leader - where the idea is to attract people to the games because of the tailgate - not to make money off that - but making the money off the ticket to the game and the hope that they buy another beer or two at $10+ a beer once inside the stadium.

4.00 is very reasonable and as other have stated, the goal is to build an atmosphere before the game. Before the launch yesterday, I though it would have sold for 5.00.

I think the parking (35.00) is more of a gouge than the beer price itself though the pricing for the passes is expected to be out tomorrow and there should be some more value with full seasons as opposed to half.

You make some good points, we need more of them court cases that to stop these archaic booze laws!
Another stupid law is the glass vs cans, it's a federal law/regulation that stipulates beer in bottles must be sold cheaper than beer in cans.......................???? we know that pop sold in cans is cheap so why not beer in cans??? go to the beer store and see how much more you pay for a case of cans.
The reason QUEBEC - the province of Quebec has fought to protect the bottle industry - all beer bottles in Canada are made in QUEBEC - that is a lot of jobs. If beer in cans were allowed to be sold at the same price it would mean less jobs in Quebec and more in Ontario (Hamilton)
Just stupid archaic laws - just like the law that says beer in a 24 can NOT be sold for less than $25

But getting back to $4 beer at Argo games - yes that's cheap!!
It looks like you can only get into the tailgate area if you have a car? it's not open for people just to walk in?

Meanwhile... people in Alberta are wondering why you can't just bring your own beer like we do...

Go Stamps!!!

Because some things are just better out West. :cowboy:

Well I will say I do find it ridiculous when my wife and myself were sitting on a beach in an Ontario provincial park during the week, few people and no one around us and a cop comes up and tells me to pour out my beer which I was stupidly drinking from the bottle, should have put it in a coffee cup or something.

And you can't bring wine or beer in a provincial park when your officially camping in some parts of Ontario during some parts of the camping season? Ok, that is just plain ridiculous and treating people like juveniles. Agree.

You were drinking a canned beer. Who cares!!! Like are we that ridiculous that we have to pour the beer into a plastic cup so some dude who could literally be saving lives can feel his ego stoked? Like he knows 99% percent of the people drinking out of plastic cups are breaking ridiculous century old puritan laws. He just singled you out because you dare defy his authority. There is even a chance his police chief does not care about stupid so called offenses like this, and this guy has gone out of his way to harass you because he is closeted,or not indowed. I think we need to re-evaluate the mental evaluation of potential officers in this country. You must have atleast a five inch penis ,and while gay members would be readily accepted,closetted ones would be outright rejected for fear of over compensation.

... and that's why you shouldn't drink and post, kids!


Too bad you can't t drive a car in Alberta.
In TO I love cruising at 160.
In Calgary the photo radar turns everyone into Saskatchewan farmers.