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I would say it is official that the Bombers are in rebuild mode, even though know wanted to say it.

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Very good article. Barrin gives his side of the story. It really shows that Kelly is a moron. I strongly believe if we hired a high school coach from Winnipeg we would be better off.

The only guy the Bombers have left worth alienating is Reid. If Kelly can do that before month-end, he'll have a pretty quiet October.

....Don't you EVER have anything positive to say..... :lol: :lol:

There is nothing positive that is going on. Or do think that a circus atmoshere suits the Bombers and the true fans.

.....hey for all of the changes.....funny thing ...we're still in it.....but of course your glass is always half-empty... :roll: :roll:

You're still in it only because it's pretty hard to be out of anything after only 9 games. The worst thing that can happen to Winnipeg is that they achieve just enough success to convince someone that the Kelly regime deserves a second season.

You must have very low standards.

Indeed, because the Bombers are a goal post away from being one game worse than the Argos.

....or 2 wins away from a repectable showing, for all of the changes....c;mon... :lol:

Well, if respectable is 9-9, I'll wager they finish with closer to three wins than they will nine.

In this town that would be the last thing we need.

if i was a betting man ...i'd take that bet.....This team is going through change and anything is possible in this league......Simpson is a great guy and player...but you know what is Joe Lobendahn...and with Logan back it improves our d....You think you know better than the Bomber coaching staff how this team should be fielded....I don't think i'd take much advice from a rider fan....could be a little bias there, wouldn;t ya say Arte... :lol:

When your best QB is cut in preseason, your best WR is cut after week one, your week 1 starting QB is replaced by a non-roster QB in week four, and your best defensive player will be traded or cut after week 9, the last thing you should be worried about is me and any bias I may have, real or imagined.

Those things just don't happen in well-run organizations.

........Best qb.cut...wonky knees Glenn....that's wide receiver cut....injured Armstrong who nobody else wanted...yeah he was great....I think Shabazz would have something to say about best defensive player....Arte...i believe you really mean well but your info on the BigBlue is a little misconstrued...but then again i have to go back to the 'biased rider comment....What are you gonna come up with if we knock you off in the Banjo better have some good ones ready :lol: :lol:

The final say in all this, will be the result of Sunday's game. If they get crushed,Kelly has lost the team,if they win, then the Bombers have a shot at making the playoffs and all attention will shift to that effort.

.....finally someone with some got it exactly right....Fans are not blind kasps...if we see a blow-out or a lax effort....the writing will be on the wall....IF it's a will be amazing how some peoples 'take' will 'all of a sudden' go in a different direction.....we'll see..goBigBlue.... :thup:

I’m prepared to wait until Sunday…if you allow me to say I told you so.

If Glenn has wonky knees, what does that make Lohbendahn with both his knees being reconstructed?

Joe's a good player. There's no disputing that. I just don't know why Kelly can't communicate with his players in a way that doesn't cause them to go ballistic.